Imam Siddique Shifted to Bigg Boss Main House.
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Imam Siddique out of Bigg Boss season 6.

Imam Siddique out of Bigg Boss season 6.20 November 2012 :: Imam Siddique, who entered reality show Bigg Boss last week, as wild card entry,  was asked to leave the after a face-off with other inmates. Siddique was the third wild card entry  after Mink Brar & Vishal Karwal.

Siddique was a part of the House mate in Bigg Boss House – 2 with  Aashka Goradia and Dinesh Lal Yadav ‘Nirahua’.

According to a source, “Aashka said nasty things about Imam to Nirahua, saying he would spread dirt around and that he was in the house to play a game. While having dinner, he kept taunting Aashka and telling her that she should not talk while eating. He was also imitating her cry-baby behavior. Aashka taunted him in return, and spoke to him in Imam’s feminine style.

 “After some time, he apologised to Aashka.

Later, he wore Aashka’s clothes and started strutting around the house imitating her ‘cry-baby behaviour’ while Aashka taunted back in his typical feminine style. Siddique lost his cool and started stripping, and finally in the morning, locked Nirahua and Aashka in the inner area of the house, and started breaking earthen pots threatening that he will burn the house.

The team asked him to step out of the house due to his unruly behavior and his disrespectful attitude towards the women in the Bigg Boss House.”

Imam Siddiqui is a casting director and image consultant by profession and a photographer, dancer, poet and performer by passion. He has launched many a faces in the fashion world. He is also a former model. He is also a fashion critic and anchor.

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