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In History today : Launch of Kailash Kher’s #AlbumKailasa [ 07 March 2006 ]

Kailasha07 March 2015 :: In History today : Launch of Kailash Kher’s    [ 07 March 2006 ]

 On 7th of March 2006, At a jampacked music launch at the Raheja Classique club in Mumbai, music director A R Rahman released the debut album of brilliant singer Kailash Kher. Entitled Kailasa, the album is actually also named after the band that Kher has formed in partnership with musician-composers Naresh and Paresh Kamath, both gifted guitarists and good backup singers.

Kailasa (album)
Kailasa is the eponymous debut album of the Indian Sufi/Fusion band Kailasa, led by Kailash Kher. The album was released in the year 2006 in India.
Kailasa consists of 9 songs. Track no. 8 is a remix of the song ‘Tauba Tauba’. The last track ‘Allah Ke Bande’ is mentioned as live on the tracklist but it is actually a version recording of song of the same name from the movie ‘Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part II’. The opening track ‘Teri Deewani’ is a love song mixing themes of love and devotion. ‘Jana Jogi De Naal’, is a sufi/folk song. Its lyrics are taken from separate works of Kabirdas and Bulle Shah. Similarly ‘Naiharwa’ is a traditional song written by Kabirdas.


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