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Independence Day Quotes of SAB TV Artists

August | 14, 2017 :: Independence Day Quotes of SAB TV Artists

Hussain Kuwajerwala as Jay in Sajjan Re PhirJhoot Mat Bolo

Patriotism for me is love for your country. To protect and follow your duty as a citizen of India through which your country can prosper. We have soldiers and freedom fighters who have sacrified their life for the country and I think words won’t be enough to convey my thanks to them. Every moment of happiness that we spend with our family is because of them and they are the only reason that we have this independence to be what we are today. One change that I want to see in this country is all should abide the rule and duty as a citizen of this country.

Manav Gohil as Krishnadevraya in Tenali Rama

Patriotism is has to come daily rather than on certain days that we celebrate during the year. It’s about how responsible towards the society and not be a bad Samaritans. I feel immense pride and gratitude to all the solider and freedom fighters who have allowed us the liberty to have secured life. I also salute their family who has this strength to sacrifice their family member for the country. I think youth of this country have the power and they have to come forward to make change in this country.

Krishna Bharadwaj as Tenali Rama in Tenali Rama

The era we living in, I see patriotism as bring and acknowledging the little positive changes that are happening in our country. Though there are bad situations in our country but at the same we as a responsible citizen make spread some positivity around us. Our generation is progressive and modern but we cannot deny the fact that our soldiers and freedom fighter were the people who actually helped us stay on our terms in this country. And I would like to salute all them and their family for their selfless sacrifice.

Aditi Sajwan as Koyal in Chidiyaghar

For me Humanism comes before Patriotism. I feel the moment people respect each other as humans they automatically moves towards Patriotism. We are the privileged lot who didn’t have to struggle to get freedom and independence. I think we have a big responsibility to keep our heritage safe and make our country proud in all the field. One thing that I want to change in is independence from regressive thoughts and beliefs that our society follows. We should take inspiration from soldiers and freedom fighter who sacrificed their life and contribute however little we could for our country.


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