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Kalagarh forest Reserve under Corbett Tiger Reserve will organise three days Spring Bird Festival from 19th to 21st of february  2021.

Uttarakhand | February  | 08, 2021 :: Kalagarh forest Reserve under Corbett Tiger Reserve is going to organised 3 days Spring Bird Festival from 19th february to 21st february 2021.
In this festival, birders from different part of the country will take participation and enjoy the bird walk for all 3 days.
DFO  Akhilesh Tiwari, who is in-charge of this Spring Bird Festival told that after a period of
above two years, forest department is going to organised this bird festival..
He will provide all the facilities to the birders coming to participate in this bird festival.

Rajiv Puran Singh will be helping the birders to watch and enjoy the birds in the bird walks.
The Bird Festival will organise a drawing competition for school children on the 1st day of bird festival and on the 2nd day there will be an awareness programme for the locals also.
DFO Akhilesh Tiwari informed that there is huge variety of birds which birders can enjoy, like doller bird, bar tailed creeper, brown fish owl, black capped kingfisher, bar winged flycatchers, shrikes, black stork, green tailed sunbird, lineated barbet, great hornbill, wall creeper, malard, indian eagle owl, blue capped redstart, red breasted parakeet, maroon oriole, pin tailed peogon, emerald dove, great slaty woodpacker, palash eagle, grey headed fish eagle, lesser fish eagle, steppe eagle, tisia, nepal- wren babbler, different vultures and many more birds..
These all and many other birds are easily seen  here in this area.
According to Rajiv Bisht there is a huge variety of birds are there in this area but no efforts are done to add this area to tourism.. so they will try hard and their best to show the furtility of this area to the participants to motivate the tourism in this area. they all are hopeful that this spring bird festival will be a milestone in the development of this area.

Birders from different parts of the country are going to attend this spring bird festival, out of which  Dr Vikram Singh, Jivitesh Singh, Ms Sohini, Mitali Kundu, Karan Sinha, Narender S Khaira, Smita Goel, Sushmita Ganguli, Gargi Ray, Ms Sandhya, Ramveer and Vijay Madan etc have given their consent for the
same. Participants from different parts of the country are coming to attend this spring bird festival..

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