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Kanwar Yatra.

 Lens Eye - News Portal - Kanwar Yatra.Solan, Himanchal Pradesh 05 August 2013 ::  Kanwar Yatra which is an annual pilgrimage of devotees of Lord Shiva used to happens every year in the month of Saawan ( July- August ). Kanwariyas wearing amber coloured clothes fetch holy water of River Ganga which is called Ganga Jal taken from Haridwar and from Gangotri which is then offered to Local Shiva Temple. Based on their devotion and determination, these people complete their journey no matter how long it is. People of different ages and castes travel together in groups on this journey.

 Monday is considered the day of lord Shiva, In this day Kanwariyas used to offer the Ganga Jal which was fetch from River Ganga. The Kanwariyas used to travel from Haridwar and Gangotri to their local temple and offer  the Gangajal to Lord shiva. Most devotees used to travel distance by foot, some by bicycle and some by the vehicles.

 Lens Eye - News Portal - Kanwar Yatra.Resting spots are available at various places for these Kanwariyas. All the national highways connected to Haridwar can be seen full with the Kanwariyas. Chants of ‘Bum-Bum’ can be heard all the way. On the way pandals were being established for taking rest of kanvaries. In that pandals their are some organization which are giving free services of free medical checkup, offering the fruits and other eating things.

 For the safety of Kanwariyas Local Police of states has made the path for Kanwariyas as to avoid any traffic disturbance to them and to avoid any accidents.

 A lot of devotees now a days participate in Kaanwar Mela and it is increasing more widely year by year. According to Shiva Purana, pouring water on Shivalinga during the month of Sawan is extremely sacred.

Lensman :  Arpit Gupta
Story : Seema Gupta

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