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Karen Johns – Australia.

Lens Eye - News Portal - Karen Johns - Australia.1. Title of the Photo :: Night Cactus Flower
2. Photographer’s Name :: Karen Johns
3. Country  :: Australia
4. State :: Queensland
5. City :: Peeramon
6. Category of the Photo :: Flower
7. About Photo :: The Night Cactus is an Epiphytic Cactus which grows on rocks and trees. this one is white flowering and the flower only lasts one night. I posted the photo on facebook and Jagdish Singh asked me if I could post it here. the photo was taken in my backyard where the cactus has lived for many decades in an old mango tree. I took the photo because I have always been meaning to over the 8 years I have lived here and am soon to move so it was now or never. I did it while doing my night time check on the place (which I do with the camera) I decided to negotiate the spiders and play with some settings and the light by the torch as well as the flash as there was nothing else really exciting around to shoot. enjoy