Lens Eye's Fifth Anniversary :: Hall of Fame
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Lens Eye’s Fifth Anniversary – 2017 :: Hall of Fame

Lens Eye's Fifth Anniversary :: Hall of Fame

Ranchi | August | 09, 2017 :: Lens Eye’s Fifth Anniversary :: Hall of Fame



You are doing an adorable work. Keep going one with new elan.
Media is among the few fields who can brought changes in our society.

Akhil Raj, CQMS, NCC, Jharkhand, India

I am pleased to congratulate you and your team, for performing so well and reaching so many audience.I would like to again congratulate you for the great accomplishment.
Your team has been the leading performer, and has achieved best rankings for reader’s satisfaction. You have certainly set the benchmark for other web portals to achieve.
I am sure, your team will continue to perform in same fashion, and raise the standards to new levels. Congratulating you and every member of your team once again for the efforts they have put in.
Akhilesh Dwivedi, Director, Daksh Bharat Foundation, New Delhi

Congratulations to the team Lenseye,another year,another milestone, I am really happy with the changes that Lenseye has made over the last few years and at this point of time,I can say Lenseye is one of the Best News Portal which is a global local

Amanprit Singh, Business, Owner, Singh Homeo Hall, Jharkhand, India

Really happy to see the Lens Eye Progress.I congratulate entire Lens eye team for all valuable efforts.keep doing the good work.

ANKIT KUMAR GUPTA, Solutions Architect, Flux7, Jharkhand, India

We all are very thankful to the Lens Eye Team who made this glorious five years of successful establishment in to the field of journalism. We wish for your better future.

Arpit Gupta and Seema Thakur Gupta, New Delhi

Congratulations of your 5th anniversary. Well done to you all as you continue to inspire people with all that is good. Wish you well for the future.

Beverley, Nhill, Vic, Australia

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We wish you all the best on your Fifth Anniversary Waheguru Bless you and your team of  Lens Eye’s for Chardi_kla

Binder Kaur, National General Secretary, Canada, Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, Ontario, Canada.


Wish you Happy World Photography Day, August 19, Every Photographer celebrate this occassion
Chalasani Venkata Satya Vijya Bhaksara Rao, Sr. Special News Photographer, The Hindu, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Hearty congratulations. Go ahead.

Chotu Singh, Admin, hamarjharkhand.com, Jharkhand, India


My Best Wishes to all team members of Lens Eye Webs New Portal.Wishing you many more years of success and innovations to Lens Eye.

It’s all your hard work and dedication Jagdish ji.

Congratulations on a job well done.

Happy 5th Anniversary to Lens Eye.

Cupsa Maria, Baia Mare,Maramures, Romania.


Congratulations to the whole Team of Lens Eye for completing Five Years of Glory and Success.. We wish all the best for the coming years.. It is and it will be the best News Portal..

Dilbir Singh, Managing Director, Deep Media And Advertisements Services Pvt Ltd, Jharkhand, India.

Madhulika Jonathan UNICEF

On behalf of UNICEF Office of Jharkhand, I would like to congratulate Lens Eye News on its fifth anniversary this year.

The media plays an important role in society. It not only delivers news and information to the citizens but also increases their awareness about social and development issues especially those that concern the health and wellbeing of all women and children.

Seven years of serving the community is a great achievement and we hope you will continue to be a voice for every child in Jharkhand!

We wish you well in your endeavors and trust you will continue to serve the community well.

Dr. Madhulika Jonathan, Chief of UNICEF Office of Jharkhand, UNICEF Office for Jharkhand, Jharkhand, India.

My Best Wishes to all team members of Lens Eye Web News Portal.
My heartfelt greetings on 5th anniversary of Lens Eye.
This is all becoz of your honest endeavour made and dedicated towards the news portal.
You have established a new milestone among the crowd of news portals.
Again, My Best Wishes and Blessings.
Dr. Sushil Kumar ‘Ankan’, Associate Prof. Ranchi University,Ranchi Jharkhand, State Member of Eastern Zone Cultural Centre, Kolkata, (An Unit of Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, New Delhi) Jharkhand, India.

“Neither tomorrow nor today, its now” – Lens eye began its wonderful journey with this mission and it has been an extraordinary journey from where we began to where we have reached. Here at Lenseye we have been privileged to be part of such a talented team having mentors, associates, fellows and young eye. Sharing and learning has been an integral part of being with the Lenseye team. Everyone is so dedicated and dynamic in their work and mission of making Lenseye a bigger and better team with each passing year. I am pleased to offer my congratulations and best wishes in this 5th anniversary year.

Garima Sharma, Assistant Professor, Haryana, India.

Happy Anniversary to the Lens Eye~  Many years to come of success to the Lens Eye Team  ~ I am very proud and honored to be a moderator to this wonderful organization !   Geraldine Scull

Geraldine Scull, Morganville, geri-scull.pixels.com, New Jersey, United States.


Lens Eye – Neither tomarrow nor today, its now

for you to grow in leaps & bounds as you have done so far.

My best wishes on Lens Eye,s Fifth Anniversary.

Gul H. Gulrajani, Partner Photo Technics, Karnataka, India.

GS Mann

Wishing you many more years of success and innovations to Lens Eye – your ever flourishing venture. Happy anniversary! I feel so happy and elated to see the progress of the vision that was conceptualized during your maiden visit to my city Sirsa in 2009.

Gurjeet Mann, Editor, www.SirsaNews.com, Haryana, India.
Hamar Jharkhand
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Hamar Jharkhand, Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Please continue to work for promoting the  rights of children through the powerful medium of  Lens eye. A country can achieve social, economic and human development, only if the rights of children in terms of survival, health, nutrition, sanitation, education and participation are met. In fact, the destiny of a country or state is written by its children.

The civil society, community, family and individuals can play a critical role, besides the government, in promoting child rights, by adopting certain practices and behaviours. All of us want a child-friendly world or a world fit for children, where all rights of children are met. Media can play role in creating awareness on this.

Job Zachariah, Chief, Field Office for Tamil Nadu & Kerala, UNICEF, Chennai

Neeraj NCC

keep on going

Kumar Niraj, S.U.ONCC, Jharkhand, India.

Wow! Congratulations Lens Eye. It’s all your hard work & dedication Jagdish ji. Wishing Team Lens eye all the best and many more happy & successful years!

Laksha Gulrajani, Graphic Designer, Photo Speed, Karnataka, India.

Lisa Hayer, New Zealand

Happy fifth anniversary Jagdish and Lens Eye team. May you continue to have great success for many years to come. Congratulations on a job well done.

Lisa Heyer, Primary producer, South Island, New Zealand.


Respected Jagdish Singh & his great team ,
Many of the organizations in the country are working only for photography, But the “Lens Eye” gives us information about the news too. It allows us to see and show good photography too.
I congratulate Jagdish Singh and his nice team for this great job.

Mukesh Dolia, Vivek Photo Palace, Haryana, India.

Niranjan Kumar

Wishing you and your team members for completing  the FIVE precious year of lens eye – news portal both  in Hindi and English. On this eve i would only suggest  you that , follow your dreams and do whatever you like to do the most in your life. Achieve whatever you want, have confidence in your self and make  lens eye news portal  the best…finally I would end saying that thank you for your contribution done for the society and wish u a great success ahead…
Thanking you
Niranjan  Kumar, President, Jharkhand Photographic Association, Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Obscura :: The Media Club of XISS

Wishing a very happy 5th anniversary to the entire team of Lenseye. You have been a great partner. Looking forward to work with you with more zeal and love. All the best for future endeavours.
Obscura :: The Media Club of XISS, Ranchi, Jharkhand.

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Rajat Kumar Gupta, Editor & Director, Rashtriya Khabar, Jharkhand, India.

Congratulations for the 5th anniversary
Thanks for always updating with the current news
I appreciate the logo of your newspaper ” Neither  tomorrow  nor today it’s now”
U have always proven your logo
Wish you a happy and successful future.

Rajendra Singh

Rashu Naik

I have always loved this site and I watch it everyday… No annoying advertisements and only knowledgeable content. Truly epic

Rashu, Reiki Grand Master and Tarrot Card Reader, Pune, Maharastra, India.

Ritesh Bhagat

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Ritesh Bhagat, Businesses Development Executive, Pidilite Indastries Ltd, Jharkhand, India.


All the best to the hard work of Jagdish and Team Lens Eye.

Rohit Gautam, Alpha Pro Specialist-North India, Sony India, Delhi, India

Lens Eye is a great effort. I should say it is a valiant effort to enlighten the people, at large, of what is happening all around us. There are hundreds of online platforms that are launched every day, every month and every year. However sustaining the platform, updating contents round the clock and bringing in improvements, no matter however small, is a heroic challenge that few dare.

Lens Eye has shown grit and determination for which I would personally like to congratulate and bless reach one of you and your team.

However I would like to make a few suggestions. You need to improve the visual of your page. Your Taglines in the top right hand, are covering/enveloping more than 80 percent of your headlines and photographs. This needs to be corrected and redesigned.

My blessings remain

Rudra Biswas, Senior Journalist, Jharkhand, India.

It’s been a smooth journey with you. It’s been magical journey with Lens Eye. Five year is a long time and many more to see. Just want to tell you a big Thank You, with you my world is new. Happy 5th Anniversary to Lens EYE.

Shalini Sengupta, Social Worker, West Bengal, India.

This is very active news portal and absolutely love being a part of this professional organization! Fellow members are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Shankar Singh Rathore, Executive, Indian National Bar Association, Delhi, India.



There is nothing that can be successful without hard work, creativity and a passion for the a project that many may be working on.

For the Administration, Team Members and all that are working together to making Lenseye  “The Best Of The Best”….  You have done a wonderful job with your creativity, articles, information and  fun videos that I have viewed.

For Jagdish, whom I admire, I commend him for his ingenuity, hard work and his ability to put things together with others. I particularily enjoyed seeing his picture of the children with their new digital cameras. Children are a  VERY important part of our growth in this “WORLD OF PEACE”and HEALING.  HARD WORK TOWARDS THEIR EDUCATION is extremely important.  TEACHING THEM THE KINDNESS THAT LEADS TO MORE COMMUNICATION AND UNDERSTANDING WITH OTHER PEOPLE AND COUNTRIES will benefit not only them but all of us!

Leneye, there is so much to see and do for the future of our children.  Here in America they are trying to take the arts out of our  schools.  I, being an artist myself, find that through art their is concentration becomes better and communication to other countries and wonderful people.  I would like to see some links to  artist, photographers, and writers.  For example…. I had someone send me beautiful pictures of India’s ancient artists… How wonderful they are.  The Articles on women, tennis, sports  Technology etc.. how great is that!!!  I know that  more and more is coming.  I can see nothing but tremendous growth from Lenseye when I watch online news.   “People Helping People and Working Together all For The Good Of The World.

Sherri Nicholas
Sherri’s Of Palm Springs

Sherri Nicholas, Associate, Sherri’s Of Palm Springs, California, United States of America.

Happy fifth anniversary. wish you for greater success.

Shubhra Sau, Student, West Bengal, India.

Before our eye its lenseye,
Full of happenings and latest events.
Completing its 5th its special occasion,
Celebrations and gud wishes.
One and only its lenseye news portal.

Sukhvinder Kaur, Student, Ph.D Research Scholar, Jharkhand, India.

Sundeep Nagpal

Many congratulations to lens Eye for completing his successful 5 yrs. My heartiest congratulations to all the team members of Lens Eye for good team work wish all team for good effort.. Keep it up
Sundeep Nagpal, Social worker, Secretary, Ranchi Nagrik Samite. Jharkhand, India.

Lenseye has proved its  name a new brand and new taste in media world.Very informative and fast with credibility.

I wish all the success to Lenseye team.

Sunil Badal


Many Many Congratulations Lens Eye for ur great Journey till date… All the best for Future too and once again Congratulations

Utkarsh Upadhyay, Newspaper Association of  Reporter, New Delhi, INDIA 

A very heartsous congratulations to you sir for completing successful 5 years of lena eye…May this success long forever and may this organization see more height of glory..You have been a  one man army to shape your successful initiative and your hard work will always be appreciate by the society.

Vaibhav Singh, Student of journalism in Makhanlal Chaturvedi University of Journalism And Mass Communication, NUJ, Jharkhand, India.


I am so Happy for you and yours as you celebrate your anniversary. I wish you many more years of happiness and success. Wishing you all the best Lens Eye. I know a determined persons like you will continue to success in all things you do.


Vidhivat Trading Pvt. Ltd, An ISO 9001-2015, Certified Company, India.


All the very best to team Lens Eye.

Vishnu Khandelwal, Proprietor, Luxmi Narayan Engineering Enterprises, Jharkhand, India

Rishikesh Lal

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Dheerendra Choubey

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Ras Bihari

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