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Ludhiana :: A Photo Exihibition by LPEG : Twenty Eight Elite photographers exhibited their creation.

Ludhiana Photography Enthusiast Group

Ludhiana, Punjab | August | 21, 2017 :: Twenty Eight  elite photographers of the Ludhiana Photography Enthusiast Group (LPEG)  Exhibited their work at M.S. Randhawa Art Gallery at PAU Ludhiana and a total of 112 pictures had  been displayed with a vast genre ranging from landscape, nature, travel, portrait etc. The Exhibition was organized by Ludhiana Photography Enthusiast Group .

Chief Guest for the Opening day was Satguru Dalip Singh, an avid photographer and spiritual guru. He saw all the pictures and met every photographer and encouraged their work. He also delivered a small lecture on photography and emphasized on art for happiness and purpose. Whole show was  organized by group’s president  Manoj Gupta and  Arshdeep Singh along with Mukul Sandhir and Gurnoor Singh.

Guest of Honor for 18th August 2017 was  Vaivasvat Venkat, an acclaimed Journalist, encouraged the photographers and praised them for the excellent work

Distinguished guest DCP Dhruman Nimbale, an avid photography enthusiast and an accomplished photographer himself, took out time from his very busy schedule to specially visit the exhibition and admire the art work of the city amateur photographers. He also shared his views on various aspects of photography in depth with the budding photographers of the city.

Another distinguished guest was  Pakupkar Singh Ghumman, distinguished Lawyer and President of District Bar Association visited the exhibition and praised the photographers for their work.

Guest of Honor for 19th August 2017 was  Rakesh Syal an acclaimed award winning Photographer, praised the work displayed and termed the Most of the work World Class and encouraged the organizers  to exhibit the work in other cities as well.

Ludhiana Photography Enthusiast Group

Guest of Honor for 20th August 2017 & Closing ceremony was Bharat Bhusan Ashu spent an hour viewing the work of all the photographers & interacting with them, he was amazed at the quality of work displayed.

More than 1500 people visited the exhibition.

According to president  Manoj Gupta , Lpeg aims to encourage more and more youngsters to take up photography as their Hobby and will impart training to all those who wish too. Ludhiana Photography Enthusiast Group (LPEG) is a registered society which aims to promote and teach photography to the aspiring youngsters of Ludhiana. We are a five year old body with approximately 125+ members who meet every Sunday morning to click and share beautiful landscapes and nature. Members are from all spheres of life like businessmen, doctors, lawyers, scientist, teachers, students etc, He added.


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