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Meditation accelerates the performance of the brain : Dr. Prativa Shree

Ranchi, Jharkhand  | March | 20, 2021 ::
School of yoga, Ranchi university  Organized
One day national  e_workshop  on “Management of examination stress among students though yoga” on 20th March 2021 , Saturday

Workshop was inagurated by Prof (Dr) Kamini Kumar Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Ranchi University, Ranchi.

Welcome speech was given by Dr. Tulu Sarkar, Director, School of Yoga, Ranchi University, Ranchi.
Dr. Parinita Singh ( Faculty to School of yoga ) gave the introduction of the resource persons

Resource person of First Technical Session was  Dr. S.K. Munda, Associate professor of Psychiatry, Incharge, center for addiction psychiatry CIP, Kanke, Ranchi

Second Technical Session was taken by
Dr. Prativa Shree, Asst professor n PhD coordinator, Department of Yogic Science, Sri Sri University, Odisha.

In her session , Dr. Prativa told that
Yogic practices are highly effective to take care of the students for their intelligence and total wellbeing. It provides tools for practicing compassion, mindfulness, generosity, focus, strength, and flexibility. In case of the students’ certain amount of anxiety helps the brain to function and they are able to memorize whatever they have studied. When the minimal level of stress is crossed, anxiety has negative implications on the students. The burden of Academics, ever increasing competition, parental expectations, peer pressure, exam phobia and anxiety, worrying over campus placement and relationship problems. Swami Sivananda states that “steady and systematic practice of yoga will “make the mind very obedient and faithful” and make the practitioner “successful in every attempt”. Regular practice of Yoga, including Ᾱsana, Prāṇāyāma and Meditation has positive improvements in discipline, team work, behavior and sharing habit of the students. The yogic practices are of accessing and integrating all aspects of our true nature of body, mind, and spirit for inner harmony. Students imbibe the values of self-discipline, oneness with nature, introspection peaceful co-existence and Self-confidence.  Ᾱsanas are the physical postures, which develop the flexibility by stretching, strengthening and massaging the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints of the body. Prāṇāyāma is expansion of vital energy by regulation of the breath. It improves the brain power & helps to attain optimum health & longevity. Yoga nidrā is a state where the mind is exceptionally receptive and the learning is very easy. Meditation accelerates the performance of the brain and navigates you through innumerable possibilities in which a teeny-tiny idea can be executed. The yogic knowledge helps to improve physical as well as the mental health. One can recognize the strength as well as weakness in his personality. Gradually, with the regular practice there will be śodhanaṁ (purification), dṛḍhatā (firmness), sthairyaṁ (steadiness), dhairyaṁ (patience), pratyakṣaṁ (realization) & nirliptaṁ (non-involvement). A new dimension of meaning in the life can be gained. Yoga develops the health and wellness of the children to attain perfection life.


Dr. Anand Kumar Thakur, Coordinator, School of Yoga, Ranchi University, Ranchi and many others including the students were present on this occasion


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