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Meeting of Jharkhand Union of Journalist at Ghagra[Gumla]


Ghagra[ Gumla ]-10 Sept 2011: A meeting was organized by Jharkhand Union of Journalists & Jharkhand Press Club in Ghagra, Gumla.

Journalists from connecting districts participated in the meeting.

Sheo Kumar Agarwal[ Gen Sec JUJ],Pradeep Agarwal[Executive Committee member], Pratap Singh [Executive Committee member], Nand Kishore Murlidhar, Lallan pandey, Deepak Mukerjee, Rang Nath Choubey & Jagdish Singh [ Tresure JUJ & Executive Committee member to NUJ{I}] were the maim speakers.

There was a detail discussion on the payment and protection of the journalists. Journalists also reported the problems which they face during there work.

Quiyum Khan thanked the whole team of JUJ for doing the hard work for the benifit of journalists.

Deepak Mukerjee motivated the journalists & requested every one to continue with there responsibilities.

Jagdish Singh gave the latest happings of JUJ & also gave the current status of Wage Board. He also gave the information that NUJ[I] had started the fight to implement the Journalist Protection Act. He also requested every one to welcome the delegates of NUJ[I] in Union Council Meeting.

Pradeep Agarwal requested all the journalist to be Unite.

Nand Kishore Murlidhar described the importance of the rural Journalists.

Sheo Kumar Agarwal described the Future Planning of the Union & requested to attend every small or big meeting.He also requested every one to attend the meeting which is going to be held in Sill in 25 of Sept, in which the draft will be prepared of Union council Meeting.

Baldeo Sharma gave the activities of Gumla Zila.

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Jagdish Singh


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