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Metas Adventis College & School of Nursing :: Annual Sports

04-MetasRanchi, Jharkhand | December | Friday | 04, 2015 :: Three days annual sports was concluded today on the final day. Few group events such as Volley ball, kabaddi for Boys and Girls, Steeplechase Race and Tug of War was conducted.

Red house was declared overall champion for the 3rd consecutive years with 1020 points.

Blue house came second with 660 points.

Yellow house came third with 460 points.

Green house was declared fourth with 360 points.

ANURAG GURIA of Red house was declared CHAMPION for the boys for the 2nd consecutive years.

SUMAN KUJUR of Blue house was declared CHAMPION for the boys for the 2nd consecutive years.

Prize distribution among the winners was done by the Executive Vice President Pastor C. Murmu , Assoc. Vice President for Finance Bobby James, Registrar Vijay Raj, Principal Mrs. Manmaya Jebasingh and Jacob Paul.

At the end of the programme the Resistrar Vijay Raj told to the students “ We are very much thankful to all the students for their participation and we also appreciate the zeal and enthusiasm of all the students with which they have taken parts in all the events conducted within the last three days and made the sports festival a grand success . We congratulate all the winners and also encourage the losers and appreciate their participation , special words for losers- “ Unless you have participated the winners won’t have emerged as winners , you also have your role in their success .”

Results of the Final Day



1. Badminton (Girls) Janny & Mrinali First
    Esther & Sujitha Second
    Anita & Divya Third
2. Badminton (Boys) Robert & Rohit First
    Roshan & Anurag Second
    Suraj & Wills Third
3. THROW BALL (GIRLS) Green House First
    Blue House Second
    Red House Third
4. Volley ball (boys ) Red House First
    Yellow house Second
    Blue house Third
5. BOTTLE FILLLING (GIRLS) Laxmi & Pratima First
    Silwanti& Minu Second
    Suchita & Nisha Third
6. KABBADI(Girls) Red house First
    Blue house Second
    Yellow house Third
7. KABBADI (Boys) Blue house First
    Red house Second
    Yellow house Third
8. OBSTACLE RACE (Boys) Anurag Guria First
    Robert Second
    Roshan Third
9. Obstacle race (girls) Suman Kujur First
    Sanwari Second
    Mamta Kujur Third
10. Tug – Of – War Red House First
    Blue House Second
    Yellow House Third

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