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Microsoft-Motorola patent dispute hearing to begin from Monday

During October , last year, software giant, Microsoft had sought legal action against Google, claiming that the devices powered by the latter’s Android platform had infringed a handful of its patents. Now, on Monday, the U.S. International Trade Commission chaired by Administrative Law Judge, Theodore R. Essex will record Microsoft’s claims against one such Android-powered device manufacturer, Motorola.

According to Microsoft, Motorola manufactured Android-based devices have infringed as many as nine of its patents. These patents, according to a CNET report pertain to syncing e-mail, calendar, and contacts, and notifying applications about changes in signal strength and battery power. Furthering its claims, Microsoft approached the U.S. International Trade Commission to seek permission to bar Motorola from entering the U.S. market, altogether. Motorola, on the other hand has counter-sued Microsoft alleging that the latter has infringed as many as 16 of its patents by using them in their Xbox gaming console, Windows powered servers, PCs, and smartphones.

Beginning from Monday, the Microsoft – Motorola patent feud hearing will begin, wherein statements from both the parties will be recorded. According to reports, the hearing procedure itself can take upto 10 days. This followed by the judgment procedure can be expected to reach the final verdict point only in 2012.


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