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Nab Patrika Pravesh.

Lens Eye - News Portal - Nab Patrika Pravesh.Ranchi, Jharkhand 01 October 2014 :: Nepali women and girls rally as they celebrate  (launch of new calendar) on the seventh day of Navratri festival in Ranchi, Jharkhand on Wednesday.

Patrika Pravesh is an important ritual held during the Durga Puja and it is observed on the Saptami day. Patrika Pravesh 2014 date is October 1. This puja is also known as Nabapatrika Puja or Navapatrika Pooja. ‘Nava’ means nine and ‘Patrika’ means leaves in Sanskrit and Navapatrika is part of rituals during Durga Puja and is installed on Saptami day. The leaves are also known as Nine Durgas.

Lensman :: Ratan Lal, Ranchi

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