Personality of the week

Namgyal Dorjee Dhejung

Jharkhand mirrorName – Namgyal Dorjee Dhejung
Profession & Working Place – Religious Activist,  B-10, Tibetan Colony, PO – Calement, Dehradun
Hobby – Book Reading
Education – I. Com
Married to – P.D. Dhejung
When was the last time you saw a film, what was it?  Three Months ago, Jewel Thief

Please list your top 3 TV programmes.
1. News of Doordarshan
2. Ankho Dekhi [ Nalini Singh ]
3. Discovery

Your top favourite food – Veg
Your top favourite  –
1. Actor- Rechand Grey
2. Actress- None
3. Movie- Old  Movies
4. Politician- Lt. Ram Dayal Munda
5. Book- Book of Hos Holy ness Dalai Lama

Wake up at :- 4.30Am                                                                                 Sleep at :-  10Pm

Five things without which
You cannot live – Mobile, Eyeglasses . Prayer Book, Newspaper, Wife [ P.D. Dhejung]

Are you interested in cooking ?
If yes then what is your favourite Dish – Yes, Tibeaten Thupa

Development in your City –  Thumps Up,   Development in your State –   Thumps Up,

Development in your Country –   Thumps Up /

You win a  1 milion. Where would you spend it, and what would you buy ?
I would like to spend on religious work & on Social Service.

Name one people that you really admire. – His Holiness Dalai Lama
If you were not in this profession what would you be- I am satisfied

Dreams:- Satisfied with my smooth life

Any Advice to youngsters – Respect to Elders & be Polite in every work of life.

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