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National Seminar on “Development of PVTGs: Status and Strategies”

Ranchi, Jharkhand   | November  | 29, 2022 ::  National Seminar on “Development of PVTGs: Status and Strategies”
organised by IGNCA in collaboration with Central University of Jharkhand
The inaugural ceremony of the Two Days’ National seminar on “Development of PVGTs: Status and Strategies commenced with the lighting of lamp by a group of dignitaries of Central University of Jharkhand and IGNCA. Prof. Kshiti Bhusan Das (Honourable Vice Chancellor Central University Jharkhand), Prof. K. K. Mishra ( Former Vice Chancellor Utkal University of Culture) and, our Chief Guest Padma Shri Ashok Bhagat, Prof. K. Anil Kumar (Head, Janapada Sampada Division, IGNCA, New Delhi ) in the administration block, CUJ.
The program was followed by Prof. K. Anil Kumar formally welcomed all the dignitaries present on the dais and participants from various parts of the country, delegates & students. He mentioned about the significance of the holistic development of the nation and the seminar aims not only to share knowledge but also to promote collaborative kind research in future.
Keynote address has delivered by Prof. K.K Misra. He motivated everyone to actively participate in the seminar to get benefited. In his address, K.K Misra briefed about the importance of the topic the development of Particular Vulnerable Tribal Groups in India. He has given the brief history of the concept of PVGTs in our country. He discussed a detailed account of the present status of PVGTs, development efforts for the PVGTs. “Loss of traditional livelihood, resources and habitants due to intrusion of markets, industries, conservation efforts, tourism and forest bureaucracy are the different challenges in PVTGs Development”; He added. He wished for the success of the seminar and inspired the participants. He also requested V. C. sir to open a heritage museum for PVTGs at Central University of Jharkhand. Prof. K. K. Misra concluded speech by giving few suggestions as a way forward for the development of PVTGs.
Prof. Kshiti Bhusan Das (Honourable Vice Chancellor Central University Jharkhand) addressed the Guest of Honour. In his speech he said, “We should convert our country as developed nation. So people from every community should contribute in the GDP”: He added another statement “economically or educationally, people from highest position should work together with the tribal groups especially PVTGs”.
Padma Shri Ashok Bhagat, the Chief Guest has introduced the tribal culture and their development. His speech was a proper guidance for researchers, and academic aspirant by narrating his own experiences.
In the end, Dr. Rabindranath Sarma, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and Tribal Studies CUJ (Organizing Secretary of the Seminar) offered the vote of thanks to all including Vice Chancellor, Chief Guests Prof.K. K. Mishra and the Prof. Kshiti Bhusan Das honourable Vice Chancellor of CUJ. He thanked all the invited guests and participants for gracing the occasion by their solemn presence. He also thanked IGNCA for providing all kind of facilities to collaborate with central University of Jharkhand for conducting the national seminar. A large number of participants from various parts of the nation, cultural groups from Central University of Jharkhand and Netarhat participated in this inaugural ceremony.

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