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One Day State Level Meeting on Skill Training and Employment for Persons with Disabilities.

13-DeepshikhaRanchi, Jharkhand | October | Tuesday | 13, 2015 :: Deepshikha State Nodal Agency Centre of National Trust (SNAC) Jharkhand has organized “ONE DAY STATE LEVEL MEETING ON NEW INITIATIVES IN SKILL TRAINING AND EMPLOYMENT FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES” on Tuesday, 13th October 2015 with the objective to facilitate Skill Training and Employment Opportunities for the persons with Disabilities in the State.

Program begun with a welcome speech by Sudha Lilha, Executive Director Deepshikha. She welcomes the participant and guest.

The Objective of the program explained by Dr. Alka Nizamie, Nodal officer SNAC. In her speech she emphasized the needs and livelihood promotion for persons with disabilities.

Pramod Kumar talked on National Trust its objectives and various schemes. He mentioned that National Trust is revising their schemes for Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, and multiple Disabilities. The schemes will be launched this month by the National Trust, New Delhi. National Trust is setup to answer the question “what will happen to my child after me”.

Rakesh Ranjan, Rehabilitation Officer Vocational Rehabilitation Center for Handicap (VRCH) under the Ministry of Labour, Government of India talked on various schemes of VRCH. He told that VRCH is working for persons with Hearing Impairment, Visual impairment and Mentally Challenged persons. The training is free of cost covering from the age of 15-50 years.

Ms. Yoshita Ravi, Jharkhand state Livelihood Promotion Society under National Rural Livelihood Mission talked about NRLM and its goals, Mission and Vision, approaches, guiding principles, area of operation, and SHGs. She said that she will talk to the higher authority to initiate livelihood program for persons with the disability.

Rahul Mehta, Director Chotanagpur Sanskritik Sangh (CSS) talked on skill training, various gapes, and employment opportunities in Government and Private Sector. He mansion that under the skill India program 5 Crore people will be trained and 3% PWDs will be included in skill training. we should be ready to work on for PWDs. In Jharkhand “Jharkhand Vikalang Jan Forum has been initiated to facilitated advocacy and proactive initiative toward the rights of PWDs”.

Gautam CEO Vadika Finance talked on importance of micro-financing for sustainable development. He explained that He would be very happy to work for the persons with disability for their livelihood and income generation program. He will rebate the interest slab for PWDs.

Dr. Alka Nizamie mantion that “Osam dairy farm” is ready to include persons with disability to install the milk booth at their respective place for the livelihood.

Vivek Kumar Singh, Manager Samrthyam Trust Banglore, talked on Samrthyam Trust and its activities for the promotion of livelihood for PWDs. they are providing Hospitality and retail sector training and placement for PWDs. He explained their experience with various organization.

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