XISS :: Overview of securities markets and career opportunities
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Overview of securities markets and career opportunities

XISS :: Overview of securities markets and career opportunitiesRanchi, Jharkhand | August | Monday | 08,2016 :: Sahil  Malik talked about different regulations of SEBI with a simplified meaning of each term in the banking sector. Be it the security markets, inside training. SEBI describes itself as the Regulators who makes the law and executes the law.

Mr Malik talked about different scams like the sahara scam, satyam scam which in a way contributed for the rise of SEBI. He also talked about their efficient work where they use the real time system, where they can track all the data of the investor or buyers of the shares, they work online and no check or paper work is done.

On the context of the career Mr. Malik guided us to keep our mission and the vision to track their path to the achievement. We got a deeper knowledge of custodians which acts like the settlement body for an institutional investor. Apart from these we got a knowledge about the merchant bankers and how they play a role in IPO and book building. Apart from this Mr. Malik talked about the mutual fund and how the students of management see their future in the securities. He also told that getting a certificate from NISM plays a major role in setting an impact to get into securities and SEBI as well.

The stage was coordinated by Shreyasee, Tanushree, Manisha and Sneha.

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