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PALASH brand products will be listed for sale on e-commerce sites & Reliance stores very soon

★PALASH brand products are now available on Amazon & Flipkart

★Another effort towards increasing income of rural women

★Soon all the products under the PALASH brand will be listed for sale on e-commerce sites & Reliance stores

Ranchi, Jharkhand  |:November  | 22, 2021 ::

With the vision of connecting lakhs of women members of SHGs across the state to a sustainable livelihood solution, Chief Minister Shri Hemant Soren had launched the PALASH brand under JSLPS. Also, this was aimed at creating entrepreneurship opportunities for them. After putting multiple efforts towards branding & marketing of the PALASH brand, it has started to yield positive results.

In another effort towards taking the brand to the world market, soon all the products of the PALASH brand will be sold through Amazon and Flipkart e-commerce sites.

It is estimated that almost 2 lakh rural women will get additional livelihood opportunities through this move of the department.

Presently, under the brand PALASH, more than 60 products are available for sale in the market. JSLPS has partnered with e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart to leverage a larger market base and create an additional source of income for women members of JSLPS.

At present, a few select products like Mustard Oil, Honey & Pickle will be available for sale on Amazon. With this initiative, the products made by the women of remote villages of Jharkhand will reach every corner of the country.

* Handmade products will be available for sale on e-commerce sites

Palash products that will be available on Amazon include Green chilli, OL pickle, Honey, Mustard oil etc. On Flipkart cold-pressed mustard oil is available at affordable prices. After the listing 3 orders have been received and shipped through Amazon.

Soon all Palash products will be listed on these e-portals. All the products offered for sale are prepared naturally by the sisters of Sakhi Mandal.

In future, to leverage a larger customer base the department is working to connect these products with Reliance Stores as well.

“MoU has been signed with Amazon and Flipkart to place PALASH brand products in the larger market. Through this initiative, select products are currently available on Amazon and Flipkart, while all Palash products will be listed in the coming days. With this move, we expect a significant rise in the income of the Sakhi Mandal Didis.

*Dr. Manish Ranjan, Secretary, Rural development Department*
*#Team PRDJharkhand*

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