PANACHE 2016 :: Day 0
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PANACHE 2016 :: Day 0

PANACHE 2016 :: Day 0Ranchi, Jharkhand | February | Wednesday | 17, 2016 :: Panache 2016 kicked off just the right way with just the right set of events, starting with the ONLINE GAMING EVENT followed by the preliminary rounds for ACOUSTIKA and PERSONALITE.

The event BATTLE OF THE BANDS witnessed a mammoth participation from different bands from all over the Eastern India. Some of the bands that performed:

  1. Pizza Friday
  2. Cryosleep
  3. Vikrit
  4. Sacred Armour
  5. Audible
  6. Eternity

 The most awaited performance by LAGORI was yet another delight for every music lover.

And thus day 0 of PANACHE 2016 ended on a musical note which was the perfect end to the perfect beginning.

PANACHE 2016, the annual cultural-management fest of XISS RANCHI will host a motley of events to provide a platform to the youth of the region to showcase their talents in various fields.

PANACHE 2016 :: Event schedule

DAY 0 2/17/2016
EVENT TIME VENUE Faculty Incharge Student Incharge
Online Gaming 2:00 pm onwards IT lab Prof. V. Thakur Dulal Hansda
Acoustica ( Preliminary) 2:00-4:00 pm class room Prof.S.R.Shauq Nimmi
Personnalite (Preliminary) 2.00pm-3:00 pm Auditorium Prof.Nidhi Shukla  Ankita Kumari
Crossroads 2:30-5:30pm Manresa Prof.AnmolBodra Anumita Dash
Best Manager (Preliminary) 3:00-5:00pm Auditorium Prof.S.Gomes Jagshish Singh
Battle of the Bands 4.30pm- 6.30 pm Main stage Prof.A.R.Bodra Stanley
Lagori (Band) 6.:30pm -10:pm Main stage Prof.Sajeet Lakra  Savio
DAY 1 2/18/2016
Marathon 6-8am  Outdoor DR. Amar Tigga Vishaka
carom 9:00-12 pm Classroom Prof.Subhojit Bhattacharya Shivam
DUBSMASH 9:00-11 AM Classroom Prof.Arana Kausar Aditi Pragya
Crossroads 10:00-1:00am Outdoors Prof.AnmolBodra Anumita Dash
Face Painting 10:00-11:00am XISS courtyard Prof.Ratnesh Chaturvedi Pranjal Urjashee
FIN QUIZ 10:00- 11:30am auditorium Prof Arup Mukherjee Vishaka
Scavengers 11:00 onwards/12.30-1.00 Outdoors /Stage Prof.Shyamal Gomes Dhiraj Varghese
Super over challenge 12:00-2:00pm Manresa Prof.V Thakur JASHDEEP singh
Personnalite 12:00-1:30pm auditorium Prof.Nidhi Shukla  Ankita Kumari
Politico mania 2:00-4:00pm auditorium Prof.Nidhi Shukla Justin Thomas
Antakshari 1:30 -3:30pm main stage Prof.Rohit Vishal Kumar Shruti Mishra
Acoustica 3:30-5:00 pm main stage Prof.S.R.Shauq Nimmi
Dance/Fashion Show 5:00pm-8.00pm main stage Prof.Rajshree verma/ Prof.Mary Bodra Minu Minakshi/Nandita Yadav
Maxiss 8:00pm – 9.30 pm main stage Prof.A.R.Bodra  JC Jordan
DAY 2 2/19/2016
Online Gaming 9:30 am onwards IT lab Prof. V. Thakur  Dulal Hansda
Marketing Marshall 9:30-12:30pm auditorium Prof.Pinaki Ghosh Venkatesh
Man vs Food 10:30am onwards xiss Canteen Prof.Mary Bodra Veedehi Patel
Politico Mania 12.00 pm-2pm main stage Prof.Nidhi Shukla Justin Thomas
Scavengers 3:00pm onwards outdoors Prof.S.Gomes  Dhiraj Varghese
Thesaurus 3:00pm outdoors Prof.Arana Kausar Saquib Hussain
Best Manager 2pm-3 pm main stage Prof.S.Gomes Jagshish Singh
Personnalite 3pm-4 pm main stage Prof.Nidhi Shukla Ankita Kumari
Mr & Ms Panache 4:30pm- 8pm main stage Prof.Mohit Spring  Justin Thomas /Bidisha
DJ 8:00-10 pm main stage Prof.Sajeet Lakra  Manjesh Chakrapani

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