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Panache :: The 61st annual fest of XISS.


Ranchi, Jharkhand | February | 08, 2018 ::  The 8th of Feb, 2018 was the day for 61st annual fest of Xavier Institute of Social Service, a day for everyone at XISS to come together and rejoice the occasion. The day started with “Run-a-Thon” inaugurated by Father Pradeep Kerketta, Assistant Director of XISS and Prof. A.R. Bodra, HOD Dept. of Marketing at 6:30 A.M. Father Pradeep addressed the participants and motivated them. Prof. Bodra explained the rules and regulations to everyone and briefed about the course.
It’s rightly said that: “If you want to run, then run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, then run a marathon”. The students participated in large numbers to add such an enriching experience to their lives. Every runner was given a T-shirt to maintain the unity of participants through their dressing. The route for boys was from XISS College to Kantatoli and back to college while for girls it was from college to Dangratoli Chowk and back to college. Additionally, a special arrangement was made for first-aid and water throughout the course. The winners for boys were: 1st Pramod, 2nd Prateek Patel and 3rd Denis Toppo. For girls the winners were: 1st Vishslakshi, 2nd Prabha Munda and 3rd Meenakshi Mahapatra.
The winners were awarded with medals, certificates and cash prizes. First winners recieved Rs 3000, 2nd winners got Rs.2000 and third winners received Rs1000. Thus, it was a great and different experience for everyone.
Face Painting was the next event where participants showcased their painting talents. It started at 11:00 A.M. at Manresa Ground in XISS campus where the participants had to paint according to the theme COMIC-CON on their partners face. Anubhuti and Ashutosh were winners and runner up were Ananya and Rajeev. Winners awarded medals and certificates and Rs 2000 and runner up received medals, certificates and Rs 1500 cash.
Scavengers 4.0 was a task oriented competition that was held outdoors and in many rounds of tasks. An event for all who love challenges and are task oriented. The team successfully competing all rounds of challenges were declared winners. Winners were Neha Sharma, Alena and I’m also while runners up were Vivek and group. They were awarded certificates and cash prizes.
Rangoli and Alpana competition started at 11:00 A.M. in classrooms. This added a lot of colours to Panache 2018. Participants made beautiful Rangoli and alpana as per the theme. The winner was Pooja Rani and runner up was Shikha Mishra. All winners were given medals, certificates and cash prizes.
Business Bazigar was all about how innovative ideas about business can be used and implemented in various marketing strategies to make it a success. It was about the entrepreneurial capabilities. Winning team were Amar Kr Singh and Frank Russel Felix and runner up were: Preeti Rai and Johnson Alex Kujur and Pravar Pandey. The winner team received certificate and Rs. 5000 and runners up received Rs 3000.
The most simple, fun-loving and musical activity was Antakshari, that was organized on main stage in XISS college campus. Participating teams competed in various rounds and the one with maximum points was declared the winners. The event ended at 12:00 P.M. and the winners were Team Avantika and runners up were Team Tulika. The winners were awarded certificates and cash prizes.
For all the food lovers, the event was food fest. Participants got a change to showcase their cooking abilities. They made tasty finger licking sandwiches and salads with items available. Drink was another category where they were judged. Judges selected the winners on the basis of best taste and presentation. The winners got certificates and cash prizes.
Thus, the students had a gala time organizing and participating in events back to back. The competitiveness and the enthusiasm of the students was worth watching.

Amongst all the glitz, glamour and shimmer started the most awaited Annual Fest of Xavier Institute of Social Service – Panache on 8th Feb, 2018. The three day event was inaugurated at 4:30 P.M. by the Dr. Fr. Alexius Ekka, Asst. Fr. Pradeep Kerketta, Chief Guest Senior Superintendent of Police Kuldip Dwivedi, President of AAXISS Jasbeer Singh and Head of Departments at XISS in a very traditional way by lightening the lamp. Spiritual song “Oh teri stuti aur vandana” was being sung by students while the lamp was being lit. This spiritual custom to start the event added a lot of positivity. The presence of the above dignitaries, motivating teachers, enthusiastic and fun-loving students and anxious participants marked the beginning of Panache. Many other colleges like IIM Ranchi, BIT Mesra, BIT Lalpur, Central University Ranchi, St. Xavier’s College and Amity University were also invited. Father Director of XISS addressed everyone present and extended his thanks to S.S.P. Kuldip Dwivedi that it’s due to his hard working team that we are able to live safely and the society is prospering with peace. He appreciated the hard work of students who worked hard day and night for Panache. Students of all the departments came together in teams for decorations, stage management, registration, promotion and many such activities. The preparations were like a fun-fair where everyone enjoyed the task and whole heartedly devoted themselves for the annual fest. He then asked Kuldeep Dwivedi to address the students.
Kuldip Dwivedi addressed the students and encouraged them saying that young and hard working students are future of a great nation. He said that big dreams encourage everyone to do big in life and to achieve big. Thus, it was a great motivation for all the students present. Then director Fr. Alexius Ekka honoured Kuldip Dwivedi with a shawl and a flower bouquet. Then the President of Alumni Association of Xavier Institute of Social Service, Jasbeer Singh addressed students.
Then suddenly girls of XISS suddenly stood up and began to dance. It was the exciting flash mob coming through the crowd. People could not understand why everyone was suddenly standing up and dancing like a pro. It was a pleasant surprise for all present. The whole crowd enjoyed the performance and at the end everyone joined to celebrate this occasion.
The dance competition “On your toes” started after flash mob. It was a competition for solo and group dancers. There were 5 groups and 7 solo dance performances. Goups Pulse, A-Square, Sinha n Group, Russian Migrants and South Indians performed on Bollywood numbers. Solo was performed by Silk Route, Sour Mango, Balladi, Black Widow, K4 etc. The crowd cheered on all the performances and their energy encouraged the dancers to perform more enthusiastically. Finally, winners for solo and group dance were declared. The winners for group dance were Pulse while the runners up were Sinha-n-Group. The winner for solo dance was Balladi and the runner up was Silk Route.
There was a quick guessing game for the audience. Music was being played and audience had to guess the songs in which the professors guessed most of them. Students cheered a lot for their singing teachers.
This was followed by tribal extravaganza at 6:30 P.M. This event was dedicated to the culture and heritage of Jharkhand-aadivasis. It celebrated the essence of the soil-the tribe of Jharkhand. It celebrated the history of their freedom and their chapters of bravery. It focused on their way of living, hard work, commitment to their mother land and love for their soil. Even the teachers participated in the event and sent a clear message that XISS would always respect and stand up for the sons of the soil.
After extravaganza the stage was all set up for the guest band Orchid. It is a Kolkata based band. It set the stage in fire by its performance on hit numbers from Bollywood. The students were all on their toes dancing and celebrating the fest. Thus, the first day of Panache was a full fun filled day with a lot of both outside and inside events. First half being off-stage events and second half was staged. Thus, the whole day was a great fun and enjoyable experience for the students and they are all super excited and looking forward for the upcoming two days of Panache.

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