Lens Eye - News Portal - Partha Roy - Kolkata.
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Partha Roy – Kolkata.

Lens Eye - News Portal - Partha Roy - Kolkata.1. Title of the Photo :: Burning Sky
2. Name of Place where Photo was taken :: East Coast Park, Singapore
3. Photographer’s Name :: Partha Roy
4. Country  :: India
5. State :: West Bengal
6. City :: Kolkata
7. Category of the Photo :: Nature
8. Your Social Sites Link :: https://www.facebook.com/mypixelmagic
9. About Photo :: Every picture always carries the spirit of the photographer and has a story attached. So every picture is special for that photographer. For me this picture is special because to take this picture I waked up in the morning 5 o’clock, went to the location in the dark and waited for the moment by standing into the water to avoid sharp edged rocks. The God is the creator of the nature and he has always blessed us by playing with colour and light. We human only can cherish the moment and we photographers try to capture the moment and give more colours on that cherisher.

Location : NSRCC, East Coast Park, Singapore