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Pooja ‘Misra’ out of Bigg Boss

It seems that the ‘slap fest’ is catching on in our environment these days. The latest one to have joined the slap-happy brigade is model and VJ Pooja Misra, who was thrown out of the Bigg Boss house for hitting co-inmate and VJ Siddharth Bhardwaj, Saturday early morning in the episode that was slated to be aired last night.

Production sources say that Pooja’s volatile behaviour has been an issue ever since she entered the house. “She has picked fights with almost every inmate in the house. She is also notorious for her high-pitched tone and her catch phrase ‘spare me’,” says the source. But what led to her ouster was when after a heated conversation with Siddharth, she got violent and slapped him across the face. An insider says, “The show’s format clearly maintains its stand against violence. Last time too, when actor-filmmaker Kamal R Khan slammed a bottle on designer Rohit Varma, he was asked to leave the house. So the rules remain the same for all.” This time round, Pooja was the captain and Siddharth did not like her captaincy, which agitated her.

The source, adds, “The two had an argument but he refused to listen to what she had to say. In anger, she took his hand and yanked him around, and also pushed him. Pooja tried to be the next Dolly Bindra, but her attitude and physical encounters with fellow mates Vida Samadzai, Shonali Nagrani and Amar Upadhyay earlier continued. And finally in spite of warnings by Bigg Boss she got physical with another housemate and that was the last straw.”

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