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Pragya’s Gurukul celebrated  Honour your Drivers cum Dandiya Festival

Pragya gurukul

Ranchi, Jharkhand | September | Wednesday | 20, 2017 :: Pragya’s gurukul observed Honour your Driver day cum Painting Competition today, as the last leg of Varshotsav Celebrations. The premises of the school were decorated for the occasion. Students appeared in colourful attire, to reflect the theme of the event. The festival was opened at 10:00 am by Senior Teacher Amardeep Kaur who also orchestrated the ceremonies. Students participated wholeheartedly in the Dandiya festival in honour of their Transport Drivers.

The Chief Guest, Smt Veena Srivastava, renowned Author/Poet & Social Activist, participated in the Dandiya festival with students and imparted some very novel craft skills. She presented gifts to Drivers and praised their work.

The School Director, Aradhana Shukla, mentioned that the role of our drivers, though often invisible, is the most vital element in our setup. It is on their behest that parents dare to send off their little ones, unaccompanied for the first time in their lives. Besides being very proficient in their immediate skills, they have displayed compassion, love and respect for childhood and their service record stands unblemished.

The function was attended by many invitees, numerous guardians, and the entire team of pragya’s gurukul.


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