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Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched ‘Digital India Week’ in New Delhi

Digital-IndiaJuly 01, 2015 :: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the much ambitious ‘Digital India Week’ programme on Wednesday, July 1 at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in the national capital.

In his speech Prime Minister Narendra Modi said ::

* Digital India will ensure that a collective Rs 4.5 lakh crore will be invested and 18 lakh jobs will be created.

* Earlier, when we talked with a small kid, he used to snatch your spectacles, pen etc but But now, the same kid snatches your mobile phone. That means that the kid understands the power of tech and digital power. If we don’t understand this change, transition then we won’t swim with the massive global tide.

* Now, people shall only settle in areas where there’s optical fibre.

* Our demographic dividend must get digital strength.

* More than 25 crore people are using internet in India today.

* But number of people not yet within the internet’s reach is far greater.

* If a huge section of the population is left out then a huge calamity may befall all of us in the form of Digital divide.

* If we don’t spread this among the poor and in villages, our words of development shall ring hollow.

* Minimum government and maximum governance- that’s our vision.

* We plan to merge e – governance and M-governance. M-governance doesn’t stand for ‘Modi Governance’. It stands for ‘Mobile governance’.

* E-stands for Economically easy governance. Running around, getting papers signed etc will be a thing of the past.

* At times, a kid’s school bag is heavier than him. Now, the entire syllabus can be in the palm of his hand.

* When the world witnessed the Industrial revolution, we fell back because we were slaves.

* Now, we have the talent and time is on our side. We must not fall behind on the IT revolution.

* Cannot stand the fact that India’s is the second highest importer of electronic goods .

* We may overtake the US when it comes to startups soon.

* Design in India is as important as Make in India. Design in India can give the required push to Digital India.

* The world is so worried about cyber security. One click can change a lot of things. Now a 10th grader, 1000’s of miles away can hack your bank account.

* Want India to ensure to reduce dependence on e-imports and launch Indian-made electronics and products.

* The day is not far when we can transfer our documents into a digital godown.

 PM also described about his dream, He told ::

* I dream of a digital India where high speed digital highways unite the nation.

* I dream of a digital India where government is open and governance is transparent.

* I dream of a digital India where technology ensures that government accountability is incorruptible.

* I dream of a digital India where quality education is accessible.

* I dream of a digital India where quality health care is for all.

* I dream of a digital India where farmers are empowered with real time information.

* I dream of a digital India where where cyber-security becomes an integral part of national security.

* I dream of a digital India where where e-commerce drives the economy.

Digital India

Digital India, a flagship programme of the Government of India, aims to “transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy”. The focus is on being transformative to realise IT (Indian Talent) + IT (Information Technology) = IT (India Tomorrow). The vision of Digital India programme aims at inclusive growth in areas of electronic services, products, manufacturing and job opportunities etc. This programme centres on three key vision areas of “Infrastructure as a Utility to Every Citizen”, “Governance and Services on Demand” and “Digital Empowerment of Citizens”.

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