Racing Car at Jharkhand Pavilion, IIFT, New Delhi
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Racing Car at Jharkhand Pavilion, IIFT, New Delhi

Racing Car at Jharkhand Pavilion, IIFT, New DelhiNew Delhi, 19 November 2013 ::  The Racing Car at Jharkhand Pavilion is proving to be cynosure of all the eyes at the IIFT, New Delhi, 2013. The car is built by the students of National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology (NIFFT), Ranchi.It is sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology.

This car is Formula type student version and runs on bike engine. Except for the tyres the entire car is made from local material.The car has been designed following the standard prescribed.The most important feature of the Car is its low cost.It costs only 5.5 lakhs.Although Racing Cars have been produced in India before also but all of them had been very costly.

Three students of NIFFT namely Akshay Kumar Tripathi,Prem Mahto and Dipankar Srigyan who were instrumental in producing this Car along with others were present at the pavilion.They said that seeing the potential of the Car in Indian market at the Buddha Circuit and other proposed circuits  its commercial production  will soon start.They also said that they may even think of exporting it if they get proper sponsor for it.

A quick look at its special features reveals the following features,an engine of 510cc, top speed of 160 kmph,max power 27bhp @5250 rpm,0 -100 kmph at 6 seconds weight 244kg and over all length of 2.8m.Its special polymer material ensures the safety of the driver in case of any mishap.

Recently the Car took part in the Formula SAE Italy where it won the First prize.This is the only Car in South East Asia to have won first prize in its category.It won the award because of its low cost,business presentation and design.

This Car has the potential of earning forex reserves for India and if properly promoted India may at some time earn a place in the Formula Car market.

 Source :: IPRD, Jharkhand

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