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Radix – The business conclave of IIM Ranchi : Day 2


Ranchi, Jharkhand | February | 11, 2018 ::  With great insights from speakers on day 1 of Radix – the business conclave of IIM Ranchi, the students were already looking forward to gain some more industrial insights from the day 2 speakers.

The theme selected for the fourth edition of Radix was ‘Business 361’. The major speakers of the second day were  Anupam Dutta, CEO, Allied Blenders & Distillers Pvt. Ltd.,  Manoj K Prasad, Vice President-Organization change, Talent mgt, OD & learning, Reliance Industires Limited, Ms. Richa Pant, Head, CSR, L&T Finance and  Sandeep Chatterjee, Supply chain professional, Deloitte India.

Anupam Dutta elucidated the six core principles of businesses. He explained how disruption is not only related to radical changes in industries but also to the mind set of consumers. His six principles revolved around consumer insight, innovation and problem solving, building equity, impact of execution, paranoia of inflexion and organizational purpose. Following which,Manoj K Prasad began his speech with how the only thing that is permanent is the change itself. He explained the change in technology, processes and people and the need to rethink, redesign, recreate and transform.

The third speaker of the day was Ms. Richa Pant. She explained the concepts of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and how it goes beyond compliance. From philanthropy to shared value approach she gave industrial insights of creative ideas towards CSR. The last speaker of the day was Mr. Sandeep Chatterjee who expounded the shift from traditional supply chain to the digital supply chain through several real life case studies. He explained that disruption is life and the need to have a mind-set tuned to that. Finally, there was a panel discussion with all the speakers on the various issues that disrupt the evolving business.

All the Speakers of the Radix’18 had elucidated what that 1 degree in addition is required to succeed and stay in competition in the frequently changing business models and how to manage disruptions.

The closing ceremony had a vote of thanks and heartfelt expression of gratitude, delivered by Sheshank Agarwal, President of the Student Council of IIM Ranchi, to all the speakers and faculty, the sponsors of the event and all participants, for being an essential part of the fourth edition of Radix and helping keep up the vision of the conclave – To Connect, Enthuse and Foster.

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