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Ranchi Cycling Day” on Sunday, 24th November, 2019 at Morabadi Ground, Ranchi.

Ranchi, Jharkhand | November | 14, 2019 :: “RANCHI CYCLING DAY” Kanishka Poddar, the Bicycle Mayor of Ranchi along with members of Ranchi Cycling Club will be organizing “Ranchi Cycling Day” on 4th Sunday of every month.
The first event of this monthly cycling day will be held on Sunday, 24th November, 2019 at Morabadi Ground, Ranchi.
The reporting time for the ride is at 6:30 AM and the ride will start sharp at 7:00 AM.
The route for the ride will be shared in due course; however the total distance covered will be approximately 10 Kms. Ranchi.
Cycling Day is being organized as a monthly event with an aim to inspire people to take up cycling in their daily life and also build confidence in people to ride on the streets of Ranchi and feel safe.
The event aims in making Ranchi more sustainable, fitter, healthier and more conducive to cycling.
Ranchi Cycling Day is a free and open event and people can register for it on the facebook page of Ranchi Cycling Club or on, the official page of Bicycle Mayor of Ranchi.
The event is open for all age groups including kids but they need to bring their own bicycles to participate.
The presence of regular cyclists will also helps new comers to improve their cycling skills and get used to riding on city roads.
Kanishka Poddar was appointed as the Bicycle Mayor of Ranchi to accelerate the city’s approach to cycling by BYCS, Netherlands. Kanishka Poddar joins an influential network of independent city leaders that is now active on every continent, all working to make their cities more human-centric and fit for the future.
The Bicycle Mayor network was established and is coordinated by the Dutch social enterprise BYCS, which works to create and scale breakthrough new solutions for cycling. It has a mission called 50by30, which means they want 50% of all city trips to be taken on bike by 2030.
They have this mission because cycling does not just provide active, clean mobility solutions for cities but it also improves public mental and physical health, improves the environment, builds stronger communities and fosters new, sustainable economic opportunities.

Notes: For more local information or images, contact Kanishka Poddar: | +91 9708039200

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