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Renuka Lake : Himachal Pradesh.

Lens Eye - News Portal - Renuka Lake : Himachal PradeshRenuka Lake is located in the Sirmour District of Himachal Pradesh and is a popular tourist attraction. This beautiful lake is located at an altitude of 672 meters and lies in the Sirmaur district. Renuka Lake can be easily reached from Shimla by road. The Renuka Lake has a circumference of 3214 meters. The Renuka Lake has an interesting story behind it. Read on further to know more about the same.Lens Eye - News Portal - Renuka Lake : Himachal PradeshThe shape of Renuka Lake is like a reclining woman. It is said that this lake is supposed to personify Goddess Renuka, the mother of the famous Parashuram sage. There is another small lake just at the base of the Renuka Lake that is dedicated to Parashuram. It is said that Parashuram wanted to be at the feet of his mother forever. Another famous legend is that a demon named Sahasarjuna killed the sage Jamadagini and tried to seize his wife Renuka. In order to save herself she jumped into this Lake. The Gods later brought her back to life. This lake is supposed to personify her.Lens Eye - News Portal - Renuka Lake : Himachal PradeshThere are two temples built near the lake. The temple that is dedicated to Goddess Renuka is said to have been built overnight in the 18th Century. The Lake is nestled cozily amidst lush green hills and steep valleys. The place is also famous for a wildlife sanctuary that is visited by most tourists who come to this place. There is also a mini zoo at a distance of 2 kilometers from this lake. The place is famous for the Renuka fair that is held for three days during November. The fair is very colorful and many people throng this fair to participate in it and enjoy.
The Renuka Lake (660 m) is regarded as the embodimezznt of Renukaji, the wife of sage Jamadagini and mother of Parshuram, one of the ten Avtars of Lord Vishnu. Shaped like a profile of a woman, the lake has the circumference of 2.5 km and is the largest in Himachal. This placid stretch of water is fed by underground springs and the surrounding hills are padded by lush forests that support a large variety of plant and animal life. Boating and trekking are the additional attractions of Renukaji, whose natural beauty has to be seen to be believed. This is perfect year around destination that beckons every traveler.Lens Eye - News Portal - Renuka Lake : Himachal PradeshRENUKA LAKE : Legend has it that when the evil Sahasarjuna killed the sage Jamadagini and tried to abduct his wife Renuka. She flung herself into the water. The gods restored her to life and this lake is regarded to be her embodiment. There is a row of temples along its banks, and a track encircles the water. Boats are available on hire next to the hotel.
Best Time to Visit : April to June and September to November

Photograph & Text : Seema Thakur.