Roshan Raj - Delhi.
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Roshan Raj – Delhi.

Roshan Raj - Delhi.1. Title of the Photo :: Majestic Himalayas
2. Name of Place where Photo was taken :: Uttranchal India
3. Photographer’s Name :: Roshan Raj
4. Camera Used :: 600D Canon
5. Country  :: India
6. State :: Delhi
7. City :: Delhi
8. Category of the Photo :: Nature
9. Your Social Sites Link ::
10. About Photo :: The colors of mother nature, the chirping of birds, sound of wind (I almost forgot that), those welcoming warm lovely hard working people, chilled breeze, lovely sunset, breathtaking sunrise …. yada yada yada…. (I can go on and on) and you in my arms, that’s when I can just retire out there. MOUNTAINS CALMS ME !! MOUNTAINS HAS ME !!

And one day I will retire out there with you… Till that one day, all I can do is show you some lovely landscapes which I clicked while I was there.