Satyajit Mondal - Kolkata
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Satyajit Mondal – Kolkata

Satyajit Mondal - Kolkata1. Title of the Photo :: Life line questions?
2. Name of Place where Photo was taken :: Mondarmoni
3. Photographer’s Name :: Satyajit Mondal
4. Camera Used :: Canon EOS1000D.
5. Country  :: India.
6. State :: W.B
7. City :: Kolkata.
8. Category of the Photo :: Nature
9. Your Social Sites Link ::
10. About Photo :: This picture tell a life story of a old fisherman, he is 75 years old but every day he will catch fish and sell on the market, He told me fishing is my life i don’t know anything without  fishing, if he don’t catch fish a single day so that day he and his family don’t take food and they don’t  have other option to earn money…