Sumit Chatterjee - Kolkatta
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Sumit Chatterjee – Kolkatta

Sumit Chatterjee - Kolkatta1. Title of the Photo :: Lonely at Bithri Village
2. Name of Place where Photo was taken :: Bithri Village, Uttarkhand.
3. Photographer’s Name :: Sumit Chatterjee
4. Camera Used :: Nikon D7000
5. Country  :: India
6. State :: West Bengal
7. City :: Kolkatta
8. Category of the Photo :: Nature
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10. About Photo :: Bithri is about 20 km from Sankri in Uttarkashi District in Uttarakhand falling under the Goven National park area.
A small village and the last motorable road head in northwest Uttarakhand by the Rupin Valley.
Bithri is the starting point for the trek to the Holy Baradsar Lake falling in Himachal Pradesh.
The photo was taken on 21st October, 2015 while passing by the village in the afternoon towards our destination for the 1st days trek to Sarutal.
The natural beauty of the area is amazing and this particular shot gives the frame importance with the presence of a lonely Lamb.