Lens Eye - Sweets of Diwali.
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Sweets of Diwali.

Lens Eye - Sweets of Diwali.Ranchi, 13 November 2012 :: Diwali and sweets are inseparable. Without relishing mouth-watering sweets of Diwali, no one can actually get the spirit of Diwali celebrations. The festival of Diwali is celebrated with rituals of Lakshmi pooja, sweets and crackers.  Here are some of the famous sweets that can make your Diwali very special.

Lens Eye - Sweets of Diwali.Besan laddoo – this is the most commonly prepared laddu in India. Refined chickpea flour or besan is fried in ghee and combined with sugar to make laddoos of different sizes. These are specially served to Indian families at Diwali festival after being offered to God as ‘Prasad’

Rava laddus : Rava laddus are fried semolina mixed with milk and rolled into balls with moist hands. They are just fantastic to taste. Diwali can be made special with these laddus.

Cashew barfi : Barfis are very famous for occasions like Diwali. Cashew barfi or Kaju barfi is sweet cake made of cashew nut powder and sugar. Desired shapes are cut and garnished.

Lens Eye - Sweets of Diwali.Gulab Jamun : It is one of the most popular sweets in India. Made of khova and milk, gulab jamuns are sweet brown balls. Gulab jamuns take equally good in both hot and cold.

Jalebi : Jalebis are suger-dipped, crisp rolls made of all purpose flour and baking powder. They are simple to cook and good to taste. They are served in almost every occasion of happiness.

Lens Eye - Sweets of Diwali.Peda or Pera: Peda is a special sweet prepared with khoa and sugar. Cardamom, nuts and saffron give special flavor to the sweet. The color of peda varies from white to caramel color.

Gajar ka Halwa or Carrot Halwa
: Grated carrot is cooked in milk. Sugar and ghee are added. Gajar ka halwa served on Diwali makes the festival all the more memorable.

Lens Eye - Sweets of Diwali.Rasgulla : These round or elliptical sweet balls hail from Bengal. They are made with curd, cheese and dipped in a sweetened cream sauce.

Ras Malai : Ras malai is made of sweet milk syrup. Medallions of curd cheese are served with milk cream.

 Diwali could be made more memorable by preparing these sweets in home and serving your near and dears. We Wish you a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

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