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TEDxKanke Webinar Series : Health Begins from Kitchen

Ranchi, Jharkhand  | July | 19, 2021 :: TEDxKanke, an independent TED event organized its 28th version of the webinar series based on the theme “The Rise of A New World”.
Having covered a long journey in multiple optics, this version of the webinar was entitled “Health Begins from Kitchen” wherein Swati Bathwal was the guest speaker, while Kanika Malhotra hosted the session.
Swati Bathwal, a well-known health expert, public figure, influencer, and accredited practicing dietitian of India,  has made her exclusive stand in the fitness industry in both national and international stances. Born and brought up in Ranchi, Jharkhand, she belongs to a clinical background dealing with cancer care, diabetes, and allergies. However, her prowess is not restricted to a single domain which signals her multipotential attribute. She is also a sportsperson nutritionist,  ambassador of the Fit India Program, and an approved author for school textbooks to NCERT. Further, she has even served as a panelist in several news corporations like CII and  GSIC.
While her success story is not limited, this webinar series too had no boundaries for which it was live-streamed via zoom call and TEDx Kanke’s social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook to make it open for everyone across each country. It was revealed during the session that Swati is very close to her podcast named “Diet X” which can be heard on radio channels of India as well Singapore. Her journey of boarding school has been pivotal to her where she used to teach her batchmates. Soon after she entered 8th standard, bio-chemistry caught her major interest. She had to go through a lot of social and peer pressure as she suffered from growth spurt which brought curiosity in her to dive deep into the concept. Later, moving to Australia she could explore more in her area of interest. It’s been 12 years to it, yet she hasn’t stopped learning different specializations.
Apparently, around covid when the lives of people have switched to some extent, a healthy lifestyle plan was delivered by her basically for adults.  The plan includes good sleep, exercise/yoga, and a habit of eating fresh food.
Amidst this seminar, various questions were raised around the topic from which gentle suggestions were given especially to the parents who are worried for their kids. To help your kid have an active and healthy lifestyle, Swati suggests: “Do not give food in front of the television or else they won’t concentrate on their food.  And always try to monitor the usage of gadgets by your kid.  If the possible switch on the yellow light on the digital device, as the blue rays are quite harmful to them.”
Many informative tips were passed on by her which included the production of fat cells.  She informs that fat cells are formed in the body are formed when you are a baby and continue till you turn 18, post that it is not formed rather continues to grow in size.  It takes 7 years to make weight loss permanent. Thus, you must keep a track of your child so they don’t suffer in adulthood. However, it is not bad to have junk like burgers, but then you must trace the ingredients in it like the oil.  Further, she said; the cholesterol in a body starts to develop from the age of 10 itself, which means if you see the cholesterol deposit within your body in later years, the base was set from childhood itself.
She passed on a message to every viewer, “ never let the external factors impact you. Take care of your body and always keep yourself happy. On the other hand please keep a note that maintaining a weight loss is more crucial than just following a diet one time to lose weight.  To have a balanced nutrition diet, regardless of what you eat, the plate must be around 300-350 calories, as signified by her rational plate technique.
Referring to Ayurveda and the dry ginger compound which is even used by Japan, she prescribed to have it to prevent any ache or migraine than taking pain killers.  Many such ailments, tips, and concepts like cheat meals were explained by her with a detailed analysis of its functioning. She responded to a variety of questions and covered the advantages of having the right quantity & way of having seeds, apple cider, various kitchen condiments, and so on. The viewers’ attention and interaction were quite evident from the endless stream of questions till the very end of the show.
The recorded session of this webinar can be viewed on TEDx Kanke’s youtube channel and Facebook page.  TEDx Kanke Curator, Rajeev Gupta, and his team presented thankful gratitude for her presence. This webinar session could be a success by the extensive contribution of Kanishka Poddar, Kanika Malhotra, Bijendra Sharma, Rishabh Malik, Kailash Manjhi, Shivangi Choudhary, Chander Mohan Chugh, Praveen Rajgarhia, Atul Aggarwal, Rohit Tripathi, and Shravan Jajodia.

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