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TEDxKanke Webinar Series : Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Covid 19

Ranchi, Jharkhand  | May ,| 31, 2021 :: Apropos the deadly pandemic situation with the arrival of second-wave, TEDxKanke organized a webinar session on “ Pulmonary Rehabilitation in COVID 19”. Healthcare professional Dr. Garima Anandani, the Clinical Director of Qi Spine Clinics, India was the speaker of Saturday’s, May 29, virtual event, conducted via zoom call and streamed live on TEDxKanke’s YouTube channel.
Being the physiotherapist and senior consultant, holding 21 years of experience in the field of physiotherapy and spine rehabilitation, Dr. Garima is the pride of the nation. She is the first clinician from India to qualify for the prestigious Diploma in M.D.T. from the McKenzie Institute International and the University of Otago. In this T session, she explained Pulmo rehabilitation in context to the global covid effect. From its base to the strengthening of the lungs of ones who fell in the loop of corona-pandemic, she comprehensively and precisely covered all the aspects on how to correct the breathing pattern and restore it to the normal rate.
Post covid effect is hampering the physical as well as mental well-being of people across the globe. During the session, she instructed simple yet effective activities to be followed, to get on track with time. Exercise, yoga and mindfulness are to be kept on priority for a speedy recovery. She introduced the road to recovery after a person is tested negative and discharged because that doesn’t call for an end to recovery. At these times, when one has no clue of the further wave’s arrival, she suggested staying in touch with the prospective doctors, physiotherapists, and pulmonary rehabilitation therapists. Also, strongly advocated the viewers, who connected from all across the globe, to not take things lightly and to continue the instructions covered up by her through a presentation. Alongside this, she has her free eBooks to guide the patients suffering from covid and its post-effect.
This entire webinar was truly a very interactive one, where several raised their concerned questions to tackle breathing-related phenomenon and these were all handled very comprehensively by her. One of Garima’s patients, being the quintessence of fighting such a situation under her surveillance, shared his experience to help people get a clear objective of pulmonary rehabilitation therapy.
Dr. Garima said her mother inspired her a lot throughout her journey by pushing her to do better each day. She follows a famous saying “do what you love or love what you do”. Thus, she chose to love what she does and continued her clinical journey serving for people’s good health.
TEDxKanke Curator, Rajeev Gupta hosted this online event and requested Mr. Sunil Sinha, Resident Director, (Middle East & North Africa), Tata Sons to share a few words with the viewers. Mr. Sinha told that this session was so apt as many are suffering from unknown virus and very important to democratize the knowledge among people. He also thanked speaker and all team members of TEDxKanke for such wonderful initiative. Mr. Jayendra, Karthikeyan, Ramchandani and Sweta also asked how to take care of lungs post covid and Dr. Garima explained the process and shared her insights. This webinar session could not be a success without the extensive contribution of Kanishka Poddar, Kailash Manjhi, Shubham Sharma, Shivangi Choudhary, Chandra Mohan Chugh & Praveen Rajgarhia and entire indefatigable team of TEDxKanke.

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