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TEDxKanke Webinar Series :  “What are we and What Shift for Olympic Gold”

Ranchi, Jharkhand  | September  | 14, 2021 : TEDx Kanke, an independent TED event devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading”, organized its next webinar series based on the theme “A New Leadership Paradigm” on Saturday, September 11th 2021, IST 5 PM.
Mr. Ramji Srinivasan, Founder Director of SPORTS DYNAMIX was invited as the speaker while Mr. Chander Mohan Chugh, GM SAIL Ranchi hosted and moderated this TEDx event. This virtual session explored the different aspects of the title “What are we and what shift for Olympic Gold” wherein multiple users joined as the audience from different states and countries to dig deep into the topic via virtual channels like Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube where it was streamed live.
Mr. Ramji being the first Indian “Strength and Conditioning Coach”, has a wide passion for Sports Dynamix. He has been an intern and observer at ACB, S&C Coach for Mumbai Indians, and currently the CSK team. Be it tennis, racing, sailing, gymnastics, or fencing, his active role can be seen as to coach a wide range of renowned players of different sports segments. His remarkable achievement as a coach can be seen when the Indian Cricket team won tournaments like Champion IPL League as well as the World Cup.
Strength and conditioning as discussed by Mr. Ramji is a scientific process to develop physical performance for a higher level of competition. His stance in this industry is surely remarkable due to his extensive sports background for where he started a new journey into this.
Adhering to the topic regarding the Indian perspective for Olympic Gold, and how one can go about it, the entire webinar looped around the improvement tips and suggestions that can be taken in order to excel in the Olympics as in Indian things are away different compared to other countries.
All the awaited answers to why the nation has been failing constantly by being restricted in the ecosystem as if it is compact in the world-level competition were revealed by him. All the processes being followed and the one which is to be followed in the future was then discussed in the latter part of the session. Emphasizing how and when it is to be taken into consideration was answered professionally by him with a pragmatic approach to deal with every upcoming hurdle in this domain.
Further, he said; “although several steps like the “Fit India Movement” have already been started to create an ecosystem where physical strenghth is given utmost importance but it is a long-term process for which many clichéd nations must also be banished. The process and protocols must be enhanced to provide better support and facilities to athelities in which India lacks behind”.
This webinar focused on bringing out the development process to bring a change for good. The speaker explored different verticals that can be taken up right from engaging parents, not being ignorant of talents hidden in rural areas, involvement of government, involving corporate, gene pool, to engaging media and PR agencies. It is one of the right ways for a better athletic development program to make India stands the best with the top-notch process.
Apparently, several questions were also raised to him regarding sports by the host, curator, and all the viewers from across the globe to go to the depth of the sports-related phenomenon.
The recorded session of this webinar can be viewed on TEDx Kanke’s youtube channel and Facebook page. TEDx Kanke Curator, Rajeev Gupta, and his team presented thankful gratitude for his presence. This webinar session could be a success by the extensive contribution of Kanishka Poddar, Kanika Malhotra, Bijendra Sharma, Kailash Manjhi, Shubham Sharma, Shivangi Choudhary, Chander Mohan Chugh, Praveen Rajgariha and Gaurav Kumar.

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