The 103rd Birthday of Oreo cookie
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The 103rd Birthday of Oreo cookie

The 103rd Birthday of Oreo cookie06 March 2015 :: Oreo is a sandwich cookie consisting of two chocolate wafers with a sweet creme filling in between, and ( as of 1974 ) are marketed as “Chocolate Sandwich Cookies” on the package they are held in. The version currently sold in the United States is made by the Nabisco division of Mondel?z International. Oreo has become the best selling cookie in the United States since its introduction in 1912.

The “Oreo Biscuit” was first developed and produced by the National Biscuit Company (today known as Nabisco) in 1912 at its Chelsea, Manhattan factory in the current-day Chelsea Market complex, located on Ninth Avenue between 15th and 16th Streets. Today, this same block of Ninth Avenue is known as “Oreo Way. The name Oreo was first trademarked on March 14, 1912. It was launched as an imitation of the Hydrox cookie manufactured by Sunshine company, introduced in 1908.

The original design of the cookie featured a wreath around the edge of the cookie and the name “OREO” in the center. In the United States, they were sold for 25 cents a pound in novelty cans with clear glass tops. The first Oreo was sold on March 6,1912 to a grocer in Hoboken, New Jersey.

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