The 5th Hockey India Sub Junior Women National Championship 2015 (B Division) commenced with high spirits
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The 5th Hockey India Sub Junior Women National Championship 2015 (B Division) commenced with high spirits

The 5th Hockey India Sub Junior Women National Championship 2015 (B Division) commenced with high spirits Ranchi, Jharkhand May 18, 2015 :: The 5th Hockey India Sub Junior Women National Championship 2015 (B Division) kicked off with some spectacular show of hockey skills where teams battled it out with full confidence to mark a good beginning.

 Beginning the tournament on a high, Hockey Gujarat trumped Assam Hockey by a huge margin of 13-4. The second match proved to be fruitful for Chandigarh Olympic Association as they defeat Hockey Bihar with an excellent score line of 13-2. The third match was an excellent win for Kerala Hockey who blanked Hockey Puducherry with a huge margin of 11-0.

 In the Pool A match, Hockey Gujarat easily beat Assam Hockey by a huge margin of 13-4 with the help of Shivangi Solanki’s marvellous four goals and Sanya Noronha’s spectacular hat-trick. Hockey Gujarat dominated the match from the first minute and Sanya scored two back-to-back goals in 1st and 17th minute of the match to give an early lead of 2-0. Inspired by Sanya’s goals, her team-mate Urvi Shah charged into the opponent’s half in the 18th minute and sent the ball into the goal-box. After conceding three goals, Assam Hockey players counter-attacked in the 23rd minute and Munmuni Das led the charge from the front. Munmuni sneaked into the D and hit the ball hard into net to score the first goal of the match. Hockey Gujarat charged back and Shivangi Solanki scored the fourth goal in the 27th minute of the match. Conceding another goal, Assam Hockey counter-attacked again and this time Milka Surin scored a goal to reduce the margin by 2-4. In the 35thminute, Hockey Gujarat again extended the lead by 5-2 when Krina Kundhani dribbled-past opponent’s defenders and scored a beautiful goal. After four minutes (39th minute), Assam Hockey’s Jespina Horo replied back with her spectacular goal and reduced the margin by 3-5. However, Hockey Gujarat’s Shivangi increased the margin again with her brilliant strike in the 43rd minute and took the score-line to 6-3. In the next minute (44th minute), Assam Hockey’s Hardi Parikh stormed into the opponent’s side and sent the ball into nets for the fourth goal of the match. After conceding four goals, Hockey Gujarat played with more aggression and scored goals in regular intervals. Gujarat’s Sanya, Shivangi, skipper Prachi Jha scored three goals in 50th, 52nd and 54thminute of the match respectively. Sanya and Krina continued their attacking game and scored two more goals in 57th and 58th minutes respectively to take the score-line to 11-4. Controlling the match, Shivangi and Prachi scored the last two goals in 65th and 69th minute of match. With the excellent team-work, Hockey Gujarat thumped down Assam Hockey by 13-4.The 5th Hockey India Sub Junior Women National Championship 2015 (B Division) commenced with high spiritsChandigarh Olympic Association registered a victory over Hockey Bihar 13-2. The win by such a huge margin was possible due to the whooping four goals by Shalu Mann and three brilliant braces by the Captain Lakhwinder Kaur, Kirandeep Kauyr and Manisha. Chandigarh Olympic Association struck first in the 4th minute when Manisha, finding an opening dribbled past the defence and scored a smashing field goal. Chandigarh Olympic Association, not losing its grip on the opponents, scored in the 15th, 21st, 24th, 27th minute taking their tally to 5-0. Hockey Bihar despite their best efforts in defending their goal post, conceded again in the 35th minute by Amrit Pal Kaur. Hockey Bihar attacking with full intensity scored their first goal in the 38th minute by Mohini Kumari. Chandigarh Olympic Association in retaliation scored in the 40th, 46th, 52nd minute by two marvellous field goals and a triumphant conversion of a penalty corner.  Chandigarh Olympic Association struck again in 56th, 57th and 61st minute when Shalu Mann scored three remarkable field goals taking the score to 12-1. Hockey Bihar found the opposition nets in 67th minute but it was already too late for them. Chandigarh Olympic Association defeated Hockey Bihar by a field goal in 69th minute by Poonam taking the score to 13-2.

 The third clash between Kerala Hockey and Hockey Puducherry resulted into a huge victory for Kerala Hockey who kept down Hockey Puducherry by 11-0. The match started with both the teams aiming to attack the opponent’s defence to score an initial opening. It was Hockey Kerala who dominated the entire match as Swetha S and Sibya S scored a hat- trick which took Kerala Hockey towards a win.  Kerala Hockey started the early proceedings in the 12th minute with a field goal coming from the stick of Jeena Dev. In the very next minute Sibya S scored the second field goal in the 13th minute.  Without giving the opponents a chance to retaliate, Kerala Hockey earned their third and fourth goal in the 22nd  and 23rd minute when Varsha Vijayan  beautifully converted two penalty corners in support of the team. With another field goal in the 26th minute, Kavya Maoj from Kerala Hockey added to the score card of the team. Another field goal for Kerala Hockey was smashed by Blessy John in the 34th minute ending the first half in favour of Kerala Hockey with a dominating lead of 6-0. Hockey Puducherry made their best efforts to bounce back in the game, however maintaining consistency, Kerala Hockey continued to add to their score card with another field goal in the 38th minute. With enough confidence gained so far, Kerala Hockey added four more field goals in the 40th, 43rd, 44th and 64th minute announcing a wonderful triumph against Hockey Puducherry with 11-0.


The 4th match of the day in Pool B is still going on between Manipur Hockey and Hockey Patiala.


Results of the day-

Pool A – Hockey Gujarat 13 Sanya Noronha (1min- FG, 17min- FG, 50min- FG, 57min- FG), Urvi Shah (18min- FG), Shivangi Solanki (27min- FG, 43min- FG, 52min- FG, 65min- FG), Krina Kundhani (35min- FG, 58min-FG), Prachi Jha (54min- FG, 69min- PC) vs Assam Hockey 4 Munmuni Das (23min- FG, 44min- FG), Milka Surin (30min- FG), Jespina Horo (39min-FG)

 Pool A – Chandigarh Olympic Association 13 Manisha (4 min-FG, 24 min-FG), Kirandeep Kauyr (15 min-PC, 46 min-PC), Shalu Mann (21 min-FG, 56 min-FG, 57 min-FG, 61 min-FG), Sharmila (27 min-FG), Amrit Pal Kaur (35 min-FG), Lakhwinder Kaur (40 min-FG, 52 min-FG),  Poonam (69 min-FG) vs Hockey Bihar 2 Mohini Kumari (38 min-FG, 67 min-FG)

 Pool B – Kerala Hockey 11 Jeena Dev (12min-FG, 38min-FG), Sibya S (13 min-FG, 40 min-FG,64min-FG),Varsha Vijayan  (22 min-PC, 23min-PC), Kavya Maoj (26min-FG), Swetha S(34min-FG, 43min-FG,44min-FG) vs Hockey Puducherry 0

Tomorrow’s Schedule (19 May 2015)


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