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The National Conference on “Indian Steel Industry : Opportunity and Challenges”

Lens Eye - News Portal - The National Conference on “Indian Steel Industry : Opportunity and Challenges”Ranchi, Jharkhand 13 December 2014 :: The National Conference on “Indian Steel Industry: Opportunity and Challenges” was inaugurated today by chief Guest Dr. Kamanio Chattopadhyay, Professor IISc Bangalore along with Dr. BK Jha, ED ( RDCIS ),  Neeraj Mathur, ED ( CET ),  Kushal Saha, Director, HEC and S Chattopadhyay, Director(Projects) and PP Sengupta, President (NITDAA) – the organising institution of the Seminar.

In his address of the Chief Guest Dr. Chattopadhyay who is also Chairing the mechanical Sciences Division of IISc, a Director in Solar Research Institute of India and also a coordinator in ISRO, opined that India should not limit herself in striving only 300 MT by 2025, but it is the right time to simultaneously embark upon to find out ways and means to upscale usages of steel so that by another decade India is able to consume and contain the steel explosion in-house and also view Africa as an imminent market. He opined that for augmenting production global technologies are already available and with capital flow even countries like ABU DHABI can attain high production. The mainstay is to form a steely network of infrastructure and thus to spur the per capita consumption to assimilate the steel boom. He urged the scientists for zeroing it on the High Strength Steel which are difficult to roll indigenously. Also his tenor was to focus on secondary rolling mills and tertiary steel business units. Alluding to the Tejas Aircraft he said though it took 25 years to bring out by HAL but the breakthrough was comprehensive; similarly a guiding spirit and aim of 300MT by 2025 is very much required. A few years of time overrun is quite understandable and realistic.

Dr. Jha, ED(RDCIS) urged the delegates to take care of the cost competitiveness as despite the hitherto rock bottom prices of Iron Ore and Coal have not engendered any swelling in the profits; and once the prices normalise there shall be a big struggle in Indian Steel Industry. He felt hopeful that the coming Mines and Mineral policy of the new Govt. would ease out problems of Steel Industry.

Neeraj Mathur, ED(CET) emphasised that with the steel boom there is acute necessity of enhancing the Manpower Capabilities apart from the obvious challenges of managing raw materials and customer demands. He emphasised upon better project management with appropriate automation level and research capabilities.

 Kushal Saha, Director (HEC) indicated to take sufficient steps today to develop suitable financial systems so as to manage the staggering approximately 1 million crore INR which shall be needed to augment another 200MT of steel. Also Land clearances which are a bottleneck these days must be alleviated to maintain the zeal of manufacturers and entrepreneiurs.

S. Chattopadhyay, Director (Projects), MECON opined that the greatest of challenges shall be the supporting system which must be concomitantly attained to seamlessly carry out 300MT production like the Roads, the Ports, the Railways Freights etc. Also he emphasised on the tremendous opportunities hidden in the dwindling 10Kg per capita consumption of the rural sector. It was high time that the whole steel industry devices ways and means to spur the rural market which shall act as a panacea for the industry. Also one must be aware of the environment issues since as a matter of fact 60% of the total pollution comes from the steel and cement industries.

 PP Sengupta, President (NITDAA) and GM(Rolling mills), RDCIS welcomed all academicians, researchers, delegates, media, students, corporate executives etc and apprised that NIT Durgapur Alumni Association shall continue to organise such catalytic programs for the industry.

PK Sinha Roy, GM(MECON) proposed the vote of thanks.

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