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Tusu festival :: The Celebration

 Tusu festivalRanchi, Jharkhand | Januery | 13, 2017 :: People celebrating Tusu festival on the eve of Makar Sankranti in Ranchi on Friday.

Lensman :: Ratan Lal

The tribal villagers of Panch Pargana area in Jharkhand are preparing for Tusu festival, which is similar to Makar Sankranti on January 14.

Tribal people make idols of Goddess Tusu and worship her. This is also the time of harvest. So people dance and sing to welcome the harvest season.

“The festival is celebrated with zest and people sing and dance on the occasion. It is a celebration of good harvest. A weeklong fair is organized at various places where people enjoy to their fullest

Pitha, or pancake, is an integral part of the festival and every tribal family has its own delicacy. Roti pitha, gud pitha, mudhi lai and tilkut are all-time favourites. “People prepare these items at home and share them with each other at the fair.

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