World Laughter Day [ First Sunday of May ]
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World Laughter Day [ First Sunday of May ]

World Laughter Day [ First Sunday of May ]05 May 2013 :: World Laughter Day is customarily celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year. The Laughter Clubs movement is a global initiative to unite entire mankind through unconditional love and laughter. It is a non-religious, non-racial and non profit organization committed to generate good health, joy and world peace through laughter. This revolutionary idea has changed the lives of hundreds and thousands of people around the world and has helped them to attain a state of complete wellness.

During the march all chant “Ho, Ho, Ha, Ha, Ha” and “very good, very good, yeah!”clapping and dancing. After walking some distance, they stop to do a few Laughter Yoga exercises and then move on.

 Dr. Madan Kataria, a doctor from Mumbai, India, launched the first Laughter Club at a park on March 13, 1995, with merely a handful of people. There are now almost 8,000 “laughter clubs” world-wide. Laughter is universal with no language and cultural barriers. The physical benefits of laughter are well documented, and include improving cardiovascular health, releasing the “runner’s high” hormone endorphin, and lowering the level of stress hormones (epinephrine, cortisol, etc) in the blood.

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