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World Photography Day by Jharkhand Photographic Association.

Ranchi, 19 August 2013 :: World Photography Day was celebrated by Jharkhand Photographic Association [ JPA ] in Sarthak Banquet Hall, Ranchi. Chief Guests of the event were Senior Photographers of the city, Bishu Nandi, Pulak Choudhary, Kuldeep Singh Deepak & Professor Sushil Ankan. Bishu Nandi, one of the Chief Guest inaugurated the event by pressing the Camera Shutter Button. Approx two Hundred Photographers across the State took part in the event & Shared there Experience.
Pulak Choudhary advised not to be only a Cameraman but be a Photograher instead.
Professor Sushil Ankan described about the History of World Photography day. Some female photographers should also take entry in this field and join their hands with  pre-established photographers for enrichment of the Art of photography, He added.
Kuldeep Singh Deepak congrulated all for the new beginning. He advised to take all new comers in this mission.
Bishu Nandu shared his experience with the Photographers & advised to learn Photography.

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