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XISS :: Diamond Jubilee Festivities – Day 1

XISS Ranchi, Jharkhand | February | 14, 2017 :: The Diamond Jubilee Festivities celebration begin at XISS. This time the event has been given a theme of Sustainability. The entire campus in order to promote the theme of sustainability has been decorated with the help of reusable recyclable and ecofriendly products like old papers, paper cups, old magazines, cardboard boxes.

Amidst all the buzz, enthusiasm preparation and planning the first event -marathon marked the start of the celebration of sixty glorious years.
On the start of the event the Heads of the Department, Professors and the Director were all present. Reverend Father Alexius Ekka SJ inaugurated the event and motivated the students and highlighted the importance of sustainability and sustainable life. The students of Saint Xavier’s College and Birla Institute of Technology also were a part of the marathon.
The marathon started at 6 am from the college campus. The boys had to run from XISS campus up to Kantatoli Chowk and then come back to the college campus thereby covering a distance of 3.6 km. Girls, however, had to take a turn back from Dangratoli Chowk and reach back the college campus, covering a distance of 3.1km.

Winners were
Mr. Pramod Kumar
Birla Institute of Technology

Mr. Denis Toppo
Department of HRM, XISS
Mr. Amarjeet Kumar Yadav
Department of RM, XISS
Ms. Bably Kumari
St. Xavier’s College
Ms. Richa
Department of Finance, XISS
Ms. Sneh Kumari
Department of Marketing, XISS.

XISSOn the evening of the first day of the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee Festivities, the institute being a Jesuits Institute, organized a holy mass. Our esteemed guest for the mass were His Excellency T. Mascarenhas, SFX (Auxiliary bishop Ranchi Archdiocese and Secretary General CBCI, New Delhi) for “Breaking the Word”, Paul Tighe (Adjunct Secretary For Pontifical Council for Culture VATICAN CITY) and Telesphore P.Cardinal Toppo (Archbishop of Ranchi).
The mass was well in attendance by the Director, Assistant Director, Faculty members, staff and students of the Institute. The Chief guest for the event was Dr. James F Stoner (Fordham University, USA). Our guest of honor was DR Frank Werner (Fordham University, USA).
A tribal extravaganza was followed by the holy gathering. Tribal dance, tribal songs and a tribal walk adorned the event. The tribal walk witnessed the students walking down the ramp adorning tribal outfits of the like dhoti, Khadi, khaki all sponsored by Jharkraft Jharkhand.

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