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XISS :: Farewell of the Diamond Jubilee Batch (2015-17)

XISSRanchi, Jharkhand | March | Saturday | 25, 2017 :: The programme started with a message from the Director Fr. Alex Ekka. He while addressing the students said “The world beyond the college life is far more crucial, tough and full of challenges. The best way to succeed in this world is your self-confidence, hard work and dedication along with using all the training and exposure, you get in college life”. You all have been a Diamond I wish you all shine in future.The event was full of cultural activities. The ambience went mellifluous with the songs sung by Himanshu, Tushar, Eva Richa, and Yaman. There were phenomenal performances by the dance groups Dazzlers and Thunders and Pulse. Of all the performances MAXISS, Official College Band stole the show with their rocking performance. An emotional moment followed when the students bid farewell to their professor, mentors and friends, only to return soon in the future and make them proud. They will certainly be missed and college fraternity wishes all the luck for their future life!These memories will remain fresh in our minds and we shall cherish them throughout our life.There is a universal truth we all have to face, whether we want to or not, everything eventually ends. This celebration also came to an end with vote of thanks from Sushmita Bajpai. Later in the night the students were served with sumptuous dinner.

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