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XISS :: Guest Lecture on Human Trafficking

Ranchi, Jharkhand | July | 12, 2019 :: The Department of Rural Management, Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi organized a Guest Lecture Series, the first lecture of the academic year 2019-21 on July 11, 2019. Mrs. Arti Kujur, Ex-Chairperson, Jharkhand State Commission for Protection of Child Rights was the speaker along with Ms. Kelly Kislaya, Special Correspondent, The Pioneer, and Rishi Kant, Social Activist, Shakti Vahini, who discussed on the topic – ‘Human Trafficking’.

Professor Dr. K.K Bhagat, XISS welcomed our esteemed guests and discussed how human trafficking is a global issue and involves individuals across many geographic regions throughout the world.

Rishi Kant runs Shakti Vahini, a not-for-profit organization which strives to protect Indian women and children from abuse and violence of any kind. From working with women with HIV/AIDS to fighting organized crimes like human trafficking, honour killing, and violence against women, Shakti Vahini has been vigorously taking up diverse issues related to Women and Child Rights in India.

The event showcased the panel discussion on Initiatives to Combat Human Trafficking, Violence against women and how to combat it, Missing Children, and Media Initiatives in combating this issue. A short documentary was also played on ‘Ending Human Trafficking – One Story at Time’ screening the stories of the survivors of human trafficking, most of them hailing from Eastern India, in their own words.

Mr. Kant has many years of experience in working to fight human trafficking. He gave an overview of the human trafficking situation in Delhi. He said that those who suffered human trafficking are victimized at several levels. He discussed how human traffickers are exploiting social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as dating apps such as Tinder to hunt for potential victims. He stressed that the younger generation has to be the torchbearers against human trafficking and education and knowledge of trafficking in persons among all members of society are key to beating traffickers.

Mrs. Arti Kujur highlighted that human trafficking accounted for a large share of all illegal trade across the globe. She briefed how criminal target the girls and their families. She stressed that youth can play a big role in combating human trafficking.

Another eminent speaker, Ms. Kislaya discussed some ways to end Human Trafficking. She stressed on the right based reporting by media especially on the issue related to women and children. Citing a case of human trafficking in Jharkhand, the senior journalist explained the role of various stakeholders and the role of media as well. She said that everyone must work to empower young people about the dangers of trafficking and with knowledge about ways to stay safe.

The event was concluded with a memento presented to our honourable guests by Head of the Department of Rural Management, Professor Dr. Himadri Sinha. The event coordinators were Professor Dr. K.K Bhagat and Professor Niranjan Sahoo.

The lecture concluded with a Q&A session, which helped the participants learn that no matter how daunting the fight against human trafficking may seem, each of us matters in it. It means that you can be more cognizant of suspicious behavior or activity happening around you and less willing to overlook trafficking the next time you see it.

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