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XISS Interdepartmental basketball tournament 2019 :: Day 2


Ranchi, Jharkhand | January | 12, 2019 :: The second day at the XISS Interdepartmental basketball tournament 2019, the campus was filled with crazy enthusiasm and excitement. The day witnessed four girls’ team and eight boys’ team battling it out.
The teams were:
1. Girls Match-1 (RM vs Marketing) : winner RM
2. Girls Match-2 (Fin vs HR): winner Fin
3. Boys Match-1 (RM 1 vs HRM 1): winner RM 1
4. Boys Match-2 (IT 2 vs Marketing 1): winner IT2
5. Boys match-3 (Finance 1 vs Marketing 2): winner Marketing 2
6. Boys Match-4 (Fin 2 vs RM 2): winner Fin 2

The fight for the prestigious trophy continued to bring out the best out of all the teams. Among the girls, RM and Finance played stunningly well leaving the audience in awe. Among the boys, RM 1 and Marketing 2 left everyone spellbound.

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