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XISS, Ranchi celebrated the feast of its patron saint , St. Francis Xavier S. J.

Ranchi, Jharkhand | December | 03, 2019 :: On 3rd December 2019 Xavier Institute of Social Service,Ranchi celebrated the feast of its patron saint , St. Francis Xavier S. J. who is also known as apostle patron of India . He came to Goa in 1542 admiring the Indian subcontinent for the ability to live and serve the poor . St. Francis Xavier has majorly contributed to the education sector. Xavier Institute of Social Service is also a Jesuit missionary . Essentially the casket of St. Francis Xavier is present in Basilica of Bom Jesus , Goa. Also today Fr. Xavier Soren and Fr. David Francis Kullu S. J. to celebrate their patron saint day .The mass was celebrated by Fr. Xavier Soren S.J. , Fr. Ashok Ohol S.J. , Fr. David Francis Kullu S.J and Fr. Pradeep Kerketta S.J. , who conveyed that as students of XISS we should embibe his views and insights to our lives . The mass consisted of the first and second readings from the Bible and a short homily by Fr. Ashok who prayed for the whole XISS family that may Francis xavier touch our lives and that we may become great personalities. It was concluded by the distribution of Holy Eucharist to the Catholic members present . The vote of thanks was given by Fr. Pradeep kerketta S.J. who thanked every father who celebrated the mass , the choir , the faculty and management present and Fr.David offered the final prayer saying to choose values over fame & name. In the end there was cutting of the cake and student & faculty friendly badminton match to follow to make the day memorable.

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