XISS, Ranchi :: Diamond Jubilee Festivities – Day 4
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XISS, Ranchi :: Diamond Jubilee Festivities – Day 4

XISS, Ranchi :: Diamond Jubilee Festivities – Day 4Ranchi, Jharkhand | February | 17, 2017 :: After 3 days of academic oriented sessions at XISS, day 4 pumped in a lot of oomph and excitement with fun events galore.Following are the list of events which added frolic to the first half of the day:

Business Baazigar : Being a management institute, XISS has always made efforts to impart students with knowledge about the ins and outs of management education. With students left to fend for themselves, we will find out who the real ‘Baazigars’ are.Business decisions are important for every management student and here comes the event “Business Baazigar,” an open forum to develop a business plan and exhibit their marketing skills to develop it. There were seven teams which participated and the winner was The best part of the event is that winners are given a chance to meet M. S. Dhoni. This event was an initiative by XCEED (Entrepreneurship cell of XISS). It was sponsored by Socialyk.com and Employrr.

Scavengers : Season 4 of Scavengers is here again with extra dose of fun and adventure. With the prelims round already being held on February 13, 2017, only 20 teams out of 40 teams qualified for the final game. It comprised of three rounds. The first round was a Selfie round where the participants had to get a selfie clicked on these items

1.Logo of Nirvana

2.Logo of OMG

3.Selfie of old man with a kid

4.Selfie with 5 different fruits

5.Selfie with a guy having lipstick applied.

6.selfie with a black car.

There were around 21 teams which participated and 14 got selected for 2nd round.

The second round was a Beg Borrow Steal round where the participants had to get a pink lipstick, pen from placement coordinator, shoes of size 10, red socks, a 50 paise coin, etc. Trust us, people watching the participants go helter skelter for fetching these items had as much fun as the participants themselves. Final round was a bidding round where participants had to bid against a fixed sum of virtual money provided to them.The team comprising Satyam Mangal Murthy,Manisha and Aakash emerged victorious after a long session of brainstorming. Sumit and group were the close runner ups.

The event was sponsored by Nirvana, Go-litti, OMG!, Lifestyle, and Agarwal’s Girls Hostel.

Paintopia : The famous face painting competition of XISS came with the name ‘Paintopia’ this year on the occasion of Diamond Jubilee Festivities.It marked the participation by BBA – MBA students of various colleges. This year the theme was Sustainability and we saw the faces being painted based on the theme. The participants came in a team of two where one became the model and the other showed their creativity. The colours were all over the face and imagination was at its peak. But all that mattered was the smile that was there in every participants’ face. The event was sponsored by The Cinnamon.

The judges were Prof. Arana Kausar, Prof. Mahua Banerjee, Prof.  Madhumita  and Mrs. Mousumi Roy.The winners were Miss payal bardan and Venketesh(1st prize) Miss. Sakshi and PrinceMadhup (2nd Prize) Saharsh Sinha and Mariya Jasim (3rd Prize).

Rangoli : Colours display the feeling of joy and the event ‘Rangoli’ coloured up XISS with festivities. The event went on well with rangolis in and around the campus. To fill in more colours to the already festive and colourful mood of the fest, this event was organised. The event was sponsored by Glamour, SVI, and Upvan.

Politicomania : An event which help us in a better understanding of the beautiful feature of our country that is Democracy. This activity engaged the youth of our college to mobilize themselves into political process and reflect their voices for many crucial issues of our country. We hope that one day our country will be in safe hands. The event was sponsored by Kraft, co-sponsored by Genista Inn, R. K. Kitchen, and Ching’s.  The event had two parties namely Bharatiya Yuva Morcha  (BYM) and Bharatiya Jan Party BJP) which presented individual agendas on the areas related to Education, environment, fiancé and Industrial relations where BYM gave out some practical solutions in every field and BJP gave out some statistics and Data in the first round. In the second round there was a debate between two parties where BYM had a higher edge.The judges were Prof Niranjan sahoo, Prof. K .K. Bhagat and Mrs Sanghamitra Naik. 

With more exciting performances and events XISS gears up with the following events post lunch namely:

Nukkad Natak : A perfect play can make a humorous and happy day. Nukkad Natak showcases the acting skills and performance. The enthusiasm of the students could be seen from Day zero. The students displayed the theme Sustainability, the present Indian Society, Digitization, and Social Change with their amazing theatre skills. The entire XISS enjoyed the play and saw a change in their lives. The event was sponsored by Volkswagen. The winners were Team Aghaaz(HRM) and runners up were Gram Natakmandali(RM).

Click it out :Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world. This contest celebrates the passion in the field of photography to capture an image of nature and still life.Prateeksha (Finance) and Ritika(IT) have been selected for the next level.

Sur Sangram : Music is the elixir of life. XISS hosted ‘SurSangram’ where they showcased their expert talent of singing. The preparations are going in full flow and we expect an MTV Coke Studio performance by the participants. We hope Sur Sangram will make music notes flow through XISS and soothe our senses. The event was sponsored byArsh Residency, Zinnia Inn, New York Tailors, The Kaya, Singh Musicals(Dangratoli).

The cultural evening of DJF had Sur Sangram’s melodious participants- Eva Richa(HRM)- KaisiPaheliZindagani, Ranjeet(RM)- YehraateinYehmausam, AvantikaUrwashi(RM)- Yehmoh-mohkedhaage, Himanshu Shankar(Marketing)- Ae dilhaimushkil, Rya Ray(HRM)- AjeebDaastanhaiyeh, PragyanAashna(RM)- Mast Kalandar, Puja Dhawan(Marketing)- Ae mere humsafar, Pranay Kumar Nayak(HR)- ChaandChupabadal me, and Tushar Nair(HRM)- Maahive.

Sangeet Sandhya : The evening was set to witness a melodious performance of the Classic Era by the singers of Ranchi, starting from songs of 60s.

The evening concluded with band performances of ‘Change in Harmony’ and ‘Vikrit’ with Drums by Jayant, vocals by Michael, guitars by saket, Bass by aniket, and keyboard by Surya.


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