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Youth of Ranchi celebrated Modi’s win by cutting cake.

Ranchi, Jharkhand | Ranchi | 24, 2019 :: Students of University Department of Yoga, Ranchi University celebrated Narendra Modi win by cutting cake.
Student of department Seema Jha said that, When we talk about defence, we have both internal security and overall strength and the well-being of the armed forces to discuss. As far as internal security is concerned, I believe that we have witnessed immense success 

Where as another student, Kundan said that Financial inclusion has been another big milestone which has gotten the poorest of all to open up a bank account. Now their subsidies and money from several welfare schemes go straight into their accounts free of any dirty middlemen. 

On this occasion all the students including Bharti Das Charri, Ranju, Seema Singh, Dipti, Santoshi, Neetu, Lajwant, Rajnish, Alok, Saurav,Amit, Pawan, Amar, Gopal, Ashish, Rajesh and Devendra were present.
Rohit, Chandan, Shankar.

Report :: Jagdish Singh

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