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Symposium on ‘Social Entrepreneurship a Viable Business Proposition’ at IIM-R campus in Suchna Bhavan, Ranchi.

09 December 2012 :: Samarpan, the social responsibility club of IIM-R organized a symposium on the theme ‘Social Entrepreneurship a Viable Business Proposition’ on 9thDec, 2012 at IIM-R campus in SuchnaBhavan. Samarpan Club in keeping with the mission of IIM-R for the establishment of harmonious and prosperous society has been active in different social activities – distribution of clothes and gifts to children of the inmates born and brought up in the Central Jail, Hotwar on Diwali, distribution of woolens to the residents of the old age home in Bariatu and the staff of IIM-R, donation for H.H.High School, Brambe for buying new furniture.

 Continuing with the objective of the Samarpan Club, the symposium was organized to stir the minds of tomorrow’s leaders and to create an awareness among the students about the opportunities that exists for the bright minds to start social ventures that address the society’s most pressing needs.

 The panel discussion was lively with some though provoking statements from the eminent panelists.

 Mr. Sushil Kumar, Director, Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises emphasized that the latent talent of the youth in entrepreneurship needs to be exploited withproper training and guidelines; youth gets confused without proper guidelines and end up with a job that they don’t enjoy.

 Santosh Sharma, a social entrepreneur, said, “Social entrepreneurship is not just a viable option but the only proposition for sustainable growth.”

S. Shadab Hassan, Director at H.H.High School, Brambe- a school that school caters to underprivileged children and orphans, remarkedthat the best part of social entrepreneurship is there are no competitors but only colleagues.

Mr. SamratSengupta – VikasBharti, Ranchi highlighted the fact that people take up vocational and entrepreneurshiptraining but only 10% end up becoming an entrepreneur; they have no vision for the future and do the same activity for years.

 The event was in sync with IIM-Ranchi’s enshrined value of holistic development. The modern day managers should be more sensitive towards the needs of the society. Theevent was helpful in getting students understand the reality of the world we live in and created a spark in the minds of the young leaders to strive for the betterment of the society. The event was also streamed live on IIM-R’s channel in Google+ to ensure a much wider coverage of the event.

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