Personality of the week

David KH Yeo

Name –  David KH Yeo
Profession & Working Place – Lecturer (Digital Photography) / Working Place – Fullspectrum ( S’pore )
Hobby – Digital Photography & Wide Format Printer Consultant
Education- High School Certificate
Married to –  Confidential
When was the last time you saw a film, what was it?  A year ago

Please list your top 3 TV programmes
1. Cold Blood
2. Channel News Asia
3. Crime Watch

Your top favorite food – None

Your top favorite  –
1. Actor- None
2. Actress – None
3. Movie – None
4. Politician – None
5. Book – None

Wake up at :-     7.00 am
Sleep at :-    10.30 pm

Five things without which You can not live  – 
a) Internet
b) emails
c) Daily Communications
d) Research in Digital Photography
e) Keeping up-to-date on Wide format Printing

Are you interested in cooking ?  No
If yes then what is your favorite Dish – 

Development in your City – Thumps Up
Development in your State – Thumps Up
Development in your Country – Thumps Up

You win a  1 milion. Where would you spend it, and what would you buy? – None

Name one people that you really admire – None
If you were not in this profession what would you be – None

Awards / Achievements – Many International Awards in Photography

Dreams –  To become an author & publish books in Digital Photography

Any Advice to youngsters – None

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